25 before 25

Welcome to my short-sighted bucket list... or my epic to-do list (whichever you prefer). I'll be (hopefully) ticking my goals for the year off here as I accomplish them. 
  1. Graduate with my masters degree 
  2. Run  a 10k 
  3. Go vegan for a month 
  4. Start a job in a non-for-profit or a school focusing on students with autism
  5. Move into my own space
  6. Complete my reading list
  7. Watch a sunrise with the BF
  8. Visit my best friend in Buffalo
  9. Self-host my blog
  10. Adopt a dog
  11. Join a CSA
  12. Visit my friend and family in Seattle
  13. Learn to use a "real" camera and improve my photos
  14. Learn to mediate
  15. Start writing (again)
  16. Develop, test, and post 2 recipes a month 
  17. Join a recreation sport league
  18. Be thankful, and present in my day
  19. Participate in a "fun run" (color run, muderella, tough mudder)
  20. Learn to brew kombucha
  21. Attend a Chicago Blackhawks game
  22. Drink more tea
  23. Explore my faith 
  24. Find environmentally friendly beauty products that fit my needs 
  25. Be able to do 60 push-ups without stopping 

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