Monday, February 3, 2014

WIR #38: The Weekend Recap

Last week was a weird week. With polar vortex #2 swirling around the city I ended up with 2 "cold days" off from school, which gave me a short and crazy week with my students. That just means this already crazy week is about to get even crazier, so a lot of my energy has been spent prepping for that!

What follows is a recap of my Saturday and Sunday spent, besides the usual ABA work, getting ready for the week ahead! It's a weekend in review folks and have  I got a list for you. Linking up with Clean Eats fast Feets and always because Meghan (and Mondays) are awesome!

I spent Saturday morning cleaning up the main floor of the house, my room, and my bathroom in preparation for the BF coming down on Sunday (he works Wednesday through Saturday now which is going to make weekend visits hard until I start my medical placement).

Later I whipped up a quick batch of energy bites for the week ahead. The same cranberry chia ones from last month's Chopped Kitchen Challenge.

Sunday morning I did my laundry (ungh) and played my favorite game of "let's pick out what I'm going to wear this week". My usual look is very para-professional (which means I can wear skinny pants, sweaters, leggings, and boots) but it's a little heavy on the professional this week because I'm going to my first professional convention Friday.

Attending that conference meant I also spent time updating my resume and contacting references, since part of the day includes a job fair and I'm going to need one of those in only a few months! (yikes that came up fast!)

I also updated a space in my planner to track my exercise since I'm trying a couple of different challenges this month. Including this burpee challenge from FitFluential... I broke it down to about 35 a day and I started earlier this week when I saw it on IG. Let's just say I forgot how much I don't like burpees while I'm doing them!

Sunday after work was spent with the BF and a pile of party food watching the Puppy Super bowl... clearly you know where my interests lie. 

Actually I'm not sure if the queso, puppies, or BF was my favorite part of the evening ;)

Annndd that's all folks! Here's hoping all the prep work pays off so I can survive my week of meetings, preschool screenings (super excited for those!) and my first ever professional conference!


  1. I wish I could have watched the puppy bowl (I could do without the super bowl) but moving sucked the life out of me! Glad you had a nice weekend though :)

    1. Yeah I can imagine! Hope you're getting settled in :)

  2. Huge props for the burpee challenge...I've been doing circuit workouts in the hotel room lately and....every time burpees show up I sub it for something else :) Oops.

    Can you come clean for me? I'll reward you with YOUR own chia balls ;)

    1. It obviously too early for my brain because I almost read that as something wildly inappropriate ;)

      I'll happily come to Sydney... I suppose I could clean while I was there.

  3. Sarah, did I miss the recipe for the cranberry energy bites? The look delicious! Have a great day!

  4. Good luck at the conference. I'm sure you'll do great.

    I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite between queso, the Hubby or the cats. Can't I just have them all?!

    Great job on the burbee challenge. I'll be doing a timed one of my own soon as part of this challenge I signed up for at my gym. Eek, wish me luck.


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