Monday, January 27, 2014

WIR #37: The snow day edition

Soo I know Bloglovin has been eating some comments... but I woke up today to find that Blogger had eaten my whole Week in Review post! I also happen to have the next 2 days off from my school placement (polar vortex round two!) which gave me an idea. Since I didn't feel like re-creating the post I had written, I came up with a whole new one.

I bring you the Snow Day edition 
(or what I end up doing when I have an unexpected day off!)

I'll have you know I take my days off very seriously. Since I work every single weekend at job #2 and then usually drive all the way up to the BF's it's rare that I get to spend even a few uninterrupted hours by myself. That being said when I do get the time I tend to go all out on my favorite things :) 

I took advantage of the empty house to enjoy a "dance" workout. This means I turn on my favorite Pandora station, which I've tweaked to play everything from The Script to Sara Bareilles and John Mayer, and then dancing to my hearts content.

I'm not a dancer in any sense of the word. And I certainly don't look anything like my favorite contestant on So You Think You Can Dance, but between the jumping and spinning I can knock out 45 minutes of ab/leg/cardio work without even noticing. 

Beyond that I spent most of the day in the kitchen. I'll admit right now that I'm a recipe hoarder. Since I've started trying to take better pictures, the lack of a day off thing really makes it hard to get recipes tested and photographed because I'm always at work during daylight hours. 

From today alone I made and photographed enough recipes to post over the next few weeks and made enough of a mess in the kitchen to prove it!

Taste testing is (of course) an important part of photographing ;)

I was working on my pushups while watching the Food Network this afternoon when I decided to give planking a go. My goal was a 3 minute plank without stopping by the end of January and I did it, 4 days early to boot!

The "lap" is from where I shifted from up on my hands 
to down on my elbows (I'm still courting that as a win!)

With the way today has been going who knows what I'll accomplish with my snow day tomorrow! Anyone else off work (or class) because of the cold?


  1. Oh no stupid blog errors!!! Have you considered switching from blogger to wordpress? I remember starting off as blogger then moving to blogger with my own domain, wordpress then wordpress self hosted?

    Also, pretty sure you could easily pass of as Twitch ;) And those I spy Biscotti ;)

    1. I think it was more user error than Blogger's fault (our internet has been really shady again lately).

      Haha if I could do half the things Twitch does I would be a happy happy girl.

      And you sir have a good eye for cookies ;)

  2. Wow, that 3 minute plank is really impressive!! I always feel like I can barely hold a minute plank. I can't wait to see all those recipes. The food looks really good (:

    1. Thanks! I was definitely shaky by the end and I've been working on it a month.

  3. Ooooh bummer about it eating up your post!

  4. Wooohooo! Congrats on reaching 3 mins! I max it 1:15 arghhh. Super impressive!

  5. Unexpected snow days are a wonderful thing. Some of my favorite and since I'm not in a teaching profession, I rarely get them. I love how you spent yours. Dancing is one of my favorite cardio workouts, and then you followed it up with kitchen play. Now I'm jealous, well except I'm off work today and tomorrow, and I'm basking in the moment.
    P.S. I'd love to be your taste tester.


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