Monday, January 20, 2014

WIR #36: Making it Better

Hey guys, this morning marks one of the perks I'd forgotten about having a school placement, school holidays! Not that I'm not loving all the work I've had a chance to in the last few weeks, but nothing wrong with a 3 day weekend once in a while right?  

Plus it gave me a chance to pick up some extra hours at job #2 (and I'm gonna need the money...) 

See I got into my first ever car accident this weekend. Nothing serious, I'm fine and so is the SUV I hit. My brakes locked up as I was approaching a stop light and I spent a good ten feet sliding to a stop... into the car in front of  me. I haven't  gotten confirmation from the yet that there's no damage to their car, and I haven't gotten an estimate on how much it's going to cost to fix mine. Let's just say I'm glad full time employment is coming closer each day. 

At least the rest of the week leading up to that was good! I'm really loving my school placement. My supervisor is already giving me a lot of control over the day to day running of her caseload and the meetings don't seem quite as overwhelming when they're spread out over the course of a week. Friday was a little nuts (literally kids gone crazy) but my supervisor blames the full moon for that one. 

My little accident happened on my way to work on Saturday, and I did my best not to let the bad mood it put me in ruin Saturday night with the BF. Thank goodness he's put up with me in a lot worse of moods so he wasn't even phased. A few kisses, some pizza, movies, and I'd almost forgotten about the accident (what can I say the boys good!)

We each made individual pizza's mine full of veggies and his full of meat (though he snuck a little green on there!) He made a second for lunch at work this week.  

Then we went to see The Wolf on Wall Street. I have to say I was expecting it to be raunchy and I was not disappointed. It was almost like watching Moulin Rouge set on Wall Street (but with more drugs and more hookers). Not something I would recommend to my parents but definitely fun and Leo was awesome.

We curled up with Frozen later that night and I can say it definitely lived up to all the hype (plus my girlcrush Idina Menzel makes for a wonderfully sassy leading lady). Sometimes something as simple as a kids movie really can change your whole attitude.  

Here's hoping this week has all of the good from last week (with none of the accidental surprises!). As always I'm linking this list up with Meghan's Week in Review because it's where all the cool kids go on Mondays (so peer pressure say's you should too). 


  1. I love reading about your SLP adventures! It sounds like your supervisor is really nice which is awesome. I'm glad you're okay- I hate car accidents. I've been in one with each of my parents driving, one where the car was totalled, and it's definitely not fun.. I think I'm going to go see frozen tonight. I can't wait to hear what everyone is talking about.

    1. Do it! It really is awesome :)
      Thank goodness my accident really was very minor, still scary but not as bad.

  2. Argh sorry about the car accident, but glad it didn't dampen the weekend! I had no idea the wolf of wall street was raunchy! I thought it was a boring movie about banks lol!

    1. Let's just say I don't think I could watch it with my parents... ;-)

  3. I left you a comment on this post and the past three posts, and I think my BlogLovin program ate them. I never got the "Your comment is awaiting moderation" line so I'm not sure.
    In any event, I'm sorry to hear about your accident, but glad everyone came out okay. That first accident is always scary, especially if you're alone in the car. My very first accident was a horrible experience, not because the accident was bad, but because the other driver was a total douce. Movies with the BF can make almost anything better, and I'm so glad you're finally getting to work with the kiddos and that your supervisor is working out well. Those things can make or break a work experience so I'm thrilled all is well. Happy Tuesday.

    1. Stupid blog lovin! I was looking into it when you said you had problems before... Still no clue what it's doing :-( that sucks about your first accident but I guess that's life humph


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