Monday, January 13, 2014

WIR #35: The pancake and puppy edition

Hey guys! Here's to another Monday, right?

I actually can't complain because I had a great week last week, and spent a good bit of time last night organizing myself so that this week shouldn't be too terrible... then again I don't know how many IEP meetings are scheduled for this week so I won't speak too soon. 

Then again meetings mean longer lunches, which leaves plenty of time for selfies 
(banana NOT optional)

Positive attitude aside Monday's are for listing, or so this lovely lady would have us all believe, so let's get on that :) 

Last week once it warmed up from our crazy negative temperatures I started in at my full time school placement. From now until mid-March I work as an SLP in a local elementary school. I didn't realize there would be quite as many meetings as I got  to sit in last week, but I did finally meet my kiddos at the end of the week and they're going to be a great bunch. 

Plus I get another sweet school planner and official name tag!

The other awesome thing about starting my full time placement is having a regular schedule again (that isn't as crazy as a student schedule). This meant I had plenty of time last week to get back into a regular workout routine. Lots of at home arm/ab/leg work mixed with some long overdue yoga sessions. I'm looking forward to a run or two this week if the ice thaws outside, so fingers crossed!

My best friend and her boyfriend fiance came to visit everyone in Chicago this week. It was my first time meeting the lucky guy, and the first time visiting with her in way too long. Of course they had to go and take all the attention off themselves by adopting the worlds cutest puppy... it's hard to hold something like that against them though. 

I did actually spend plenty of time talking with her too. 

I spent a lazy weekend with the BF between work on Saturday and going back to work on Sunday. We went out with some of his family to celebrate his mom's birthday, went to a local bar to hang out and  realized that we might actually miss the college bar scene, and woke up to Sunday morning pancakes which are quickly becoming a weekend staple for us. 

I had to say goodbye to my little brother and his BBC television addiction this weekend, as he went back to school to do college things... I haven't decided yet if it's a good thing that he's gone or if I'm going to miss him. On the bright side I don't have to share my bathroom anymore :) 

Other than that I made a delicious batch of honey-mustard broccoli slaw for shoving into wraps this week, organized my closet with outfits for each day (yes I can be that girl with enough motivation), and borrowed Dante's Inferno from the BF so I can knock another book off my reading list. It's going to be a good week guys. 

What's something you do each weekend to make life a little easier? Anyone else have a job that involves an ungodly amount of meetings?


  1. Thankfully my new job has far fewer meetings! But my schedule is pretty sporadic so no more weekend-weekday separation. You win some you lose some amIright?!? Your eats look delish!

    1. That's a good attitude! I think I'd give up some weekend time for less meetings ;)

  2. You did NOT say you miss the college bar scene.....;)

    I was thinking the other day, seeing as I'm about to enter a different job, what it would be like to have multiple meetings or if that would even be the case!

    Hello pancakes...

    1. Well I can't wait for the update on the new job, even if there are lots of meetings! And I know the college bar scene is horrible... but we've been really miss on the last few bars we've tried out and I really want a night of dancing :)

  3. Bananas are never optional.

    You called me lovely; you must be delusional. ;)

    Some weeks my job involves an ungodly amount of meetings. Nothing is worse than when they are scheduled on my lunch hour though because it means a) I miss the gym and b) they usually have something awful (i.e. super unhealthy) to eat.

    I believe everything can be solved with puppies. They are just too damn cute to resist. Sunday morning pancakes can't hurt either...or mimosas. They go great with pancakes. Also I have a pancake trick for you. In a cup, melt a dab of butter along with syrup in the microwave and then use that to top your pancakes. It's delicious, time efficient and keeps them warm.

    Now I'm off to go organize my outfits for the week because I love this idea!!

    1. Oh my that butter/syrup trick is AMAZING! Why didn't I think of that?

      Meetings during lunch are the worst because a) they always provide food I can't eat so b) I end up giving everyone there a crash course on celiac before I can eat the lunch I packed in peace.

      The outfit organizing thing is super fun, plus it gives me like 3 extra minutes of sleep in the morning :)

  4. So excited for you, Sarah that you have your school placement! I think life is so much easier with a schedule! Not working as I am right now, makes it hard. I try to develop a schedule but it always eludes me. Keep up the great work! Have a great day!

  5. What a title! I love both so I was looking forward to the pictures.

    Aww and Yum. (<< Guess which ones those go to. Lol)

    Prepping food on the weekend definitely makes the week easier for me!

    I'm glad you finally got to start though. Did you have a bunch of snow days? I would have been SO antsy.


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