Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIAW #33: Reality Bites

Hey guys! I feel weird saying Happy Hump Day since it's my first day actually going to work this week (gotta love that crazy Chicago wind).  Some of my favorite people  have been posting lately about the ethics of editing photos, and how even unintentionally we can change the appearance of reality.

Since What I ate Wednesday is supposed to be a day free of judgement (as long as you eat your veggies!) I decided it would be a perfect time to share some photos with you that highlight my personal reality.

By no means are my photos perfect, but even I can see the difference between a photo taken on my phone, with poor lighting, and smeared dishes as compared to one that I've staged for shooting with my camera and corrected the lighting on.

Today I'm posting both, side by side, because it's time to keep it real. Though I personally love seeing everyone's beautifully edited photos (and I probably wouldn't be as inclined to try a recipe if the picture DIDN'T look good) I think it's just as important to see how people eat day to day.


Same Banana Bread Pancakes. Same crazy amount of butter. The only difference is I got to eat the one's on the right while they were hot... and at 6 am.  Seeing as it's breakfast there was an (unpictured) mug of English Breakfast tea because I don't start my day without my tea. 


Leftover tomato soup with Cheddar Scallion Biscuits (which are still in testing). Let me tell you the biscuit and soup tasted just as good in my unwiped bowl while I was sitting on the floor watching Food Network. In fact they were so good I might have gone back for a second third biscuit...


I can't take credit for the recipe (it'd have to be more of a how-to) since this is a veggie fried rice my dad and I just kind of threw together one night. The veggies were crispy, the rice was toasty, and the whole bowl was just warm and delicious. Didn't mater if I was at the table or sitting on the couch watching the news with my parents. 

 So there you have it, a rundown of pictures that are "blog-worthy" and their realistic partners. Still a delicious day of eats, with veggies and butter and cheese and tea, just a little extra bite of reality for you.

What's your thought on editing food photos? How far is too far (or is there a limit)? 


  1. I need to learn how to edit my photos. I'm sure my food would look as good as it tastes then. Well, at least it would look better!! Have a great day, Sarah!

    1. I dunno your instagram eats always look tasty to me ;) Have a great day as well Frances!

  2. I love this and your perspective on it- It's such a contrast between what we post VS how we eat it. For someone who eats the 'right side' - those pictures still look mghty tasty!

    Thanks for showcasing this! You MUST be human after all ;)

    1. Jeeze I didn't know my duck face made me such a questionable human ;)

      I'm excited to see more of your thoughts on this when you post, but I love your comment. It really does come down to how we eat our food.

  3. Retouching the lighting and sharpening the image a bit doesn't bug me, but when the image looks completely different from the food then I have an issue. Your eats look amazing- edited or not :)

  4. Yum- what a delicious day (: My pictures always turn out like the ones on the right, or worse. Oops! :( I try to make them prettier for the blog but in reality, I don't have a lot of time to make the lighting right and use a good camera and find the perfect background. I just want to eat my food while its hot (:

  5. Well for what it's worth, you are one of my favorite people too :)

    I love that you conquered this topic for WIAW! Obviously I prefer good-looking food photos, but sometimes it does get to be too much when there isn't one non-perfect-looking picture on someone's blog. I mean, I am trying to improve my pictures but they are no where near "professional."

    A few things- 1. I am super jealous of your plain colored plates/bowls. We ONLY have patterned ones. Americana and flowers at that. I need to buy some boring dishes. Haha. And 2. While the pictures on the right still look good, the pictures on the left are looking great!!! :)

    1. I agree with Madison. Both pictures look equally appetizing to me, and I really want that bowl of soup complete with scallion biscuits. Those sound like something I would devour in seconds. Or maybe I would come up for air long enough to thank you.
      Looks like a perfect day of eats, and I like the mix of posed pictures and reality. I try to throw in some reality every so often to keep it...well, real, but I also like to call myself out on the non-real stuff too. It makes it interesting.

      And Madison - Target has cheap dishes in solid colors and cool shapes. I sometimes pick up a placemat, a bowl or a plate when I'm there. Don't buy yellow though; I made that mistake in the beginning and I never shoot with it now. It looks awful.

    2. Target is my favorite for dishes! Right up there with TJ Maxx and Ikea :-)

      And Meghan those scallion biscuts are up for next week, after I test/devour another mini batch ;)


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