Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIAW #32: Fruit and Veggie fest

Hey guys! I've managed to make it a week at my placement without becoming known for my "weird" eating. It must mean I'm doing something right, right?

Not that you guy's are ones to judge (I've seen some of the things you eat!), but what better way to check in on my current eats than with a What I ate Wednesday party.

I've been doing awesome with my fruits and veggies this past week, managing to squeeze extra portions of both into every meal of the day! When it comes to the sweet stuff I've been sticking to apples and frozen berries, though I did have my first ever grapefruit this week (it was sweet and tart and amazing!) Someone tell me why I waited 24 years to try those?

Breakfast: Smoothie made with Kale, frozen Cherry Berry Blend, and OJ
Dessert: Half a ruby red grapefruit
Second Breakfast: The ever present apple and almond butter combo

Besides sneaking into breakfast, veggies have been the bulk of my other meals this week. Lunches have still been of the handheld variety (because lunch in the school seems to be hit or miss in terms of frequency and length) which is fine because I actually have been seeing kiddos this week. Time spent working with an awesome group of students == way more fun than a regular lunch break :) 

Lunch: GF wrap filled with spinach, broccoli slaw, and honey mustard dressing
Dinner: Stir fry (there's a bit of chicken in there somewhere) with loads of broccoli and red peppers

I might have snuck a little more fruit in with my chocolate one night... but we'll talk about that little treat tomorrow :) 

How have you been doing with the good stuff this week? What's your favorite fruit this time of year? 


  1. I was known on day one of my last job for my weird eating haha

    Munching on all the apples. Not much fruit in season here but apples aren't too far off so I'm sticking with those. And bananas of course :)

    1. Can't forget the banana's... you should get on the public banana train!

  2. You really have been doing awesome with fruit and veggies! :)

    I smiled at your comment of being called "weird" for your food because I get that a lot too. Especially one of my old high school friends when she asked about my Pinterest board involving "gluten-free" "paleo" "grain-free"... "What's that?" Haha.

  3. You, a weird eater? Never. Grapefruits are so good with a dash of sea salt. Trust me on that. OR even a pinch of brown sugar...hmm maybe even both?

    PS we asked the exact same question in today's post. Currently- Apricots, nectarines, peaches, strawberries aka all the good summer fruit ;)

    1. Jealous of you and your summer fruits :) And brown sugar sea salt grapefruit sounds amazing!!


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