Monday, December 16, 2013

WIR #32: Treats and Parties

Hi guys! I’ve actually been responsible (ish) with my time off from school in terms of trying to get things done, minus this weekend where I partied with the BF (it’s official corporate work parties are awesome) .

I finished my to-list from last week and started another one J And what good are Mondays if you can’t make a list, hmmm?

The health
Keeping it easy on this front, I’ve enjoyed some nice yoga and a couple rounds of squats, sit-ups and push ups (I had to make sure I was ready to rock my dress). Nothing too crazy this week, and I’m okay with that. To be perfectly honest I’d love nothing better than to curl up in my bed for days with an unlimited supply of tea and books… the snow may look pretty but I really hate being out in it.

The eats
Again nothing crazy healthy, but overall a good balance. I’m recipe testing for all the fun going on later in the week, and with testing come sampling right? The big standout is (again) the large quantities of tea.  While I’m perfectly happy to sit with a cup of hot water while defrosting, sometimes you want something with a little more oomph. Thankfully my tea basket is well stocked.

The school
While I’m officially done with classes (not just for the semester, we’re talking forever!) I’m still finishing up with my last diagnostic on campus. As soon as that session is over this Wednesday it’s real word work from here on out. I (finally!) got my school placement in a local elementary school for this January, and then I move into a rehab center a little farther away in March. Things are starting to shape up here for the home stretch, and I have to say I’m more excited than ever.

The life
Beyond that it’s just been a lot of work trying to wrap things up. I had a double shift at job #2 on Saturday, a huge pile of copies to make at job #1 on Friday, and I’ve been picking up extra tutoring shifts helping my student get ready for his finals.

There may have been some banana-ing at work on Friday

And I got a beautifully wrapped present from the family at job #2. 

I’ve had everyone’s Christmas gifts wrapped for a while, except the BF’s. With my nonexistent grad school budget it’s hard to come up with something good. I settled for a box of boxes (based on this idea) let’s hope he’s happy to unwrap them this weekend when we do “our” Christmas.

This kid moved back for winter break after his first semester at college. I have to say its kind of nice having him around again (partly because he’s so bored he’s been shoveling the snow off my car without complaint) though I’m going to be jealous in a few weeks when my placements start and he’s still off.   

Here's hoping I can continue this trend of motivation on through the rest of this week! 


  1. Now that you're done wrapping your Christmas gifts, wanna come do mine?!?! I'm so behind ah!

    1. Haha I would have too! I love wrapping :)

  2. LOVE your banana photo! Sounds like a busy week. The photo of you and your BF is so cute, you look so pretty. Have a great day, Sarah!

  3. A clenched teeth public banana photo. Now that's classy!!
    I can't believe you are done, done. It must feel absolutely amazing. Cheers to you my friend.

    1. Thank you lovely, you're right it feels awesome :)
      And it's been so long since I've #publicbanana-ed I just had to share!


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