Sunday, December 22, 2013

Spill it Sunday: Holiday Selfies

Hey Guys! I'm taking a quick moment from my Christmas with the BF to check in with you all and share in some Holiday cheer. This weeks Spill it Sunday had a holiday theme, which made it impossible for me to resist. 

I also had a hard time resisting the urge to deck the logo... sorry Arman!

 What is a traditional/cultural event you and your family/friends celebrate? 
Well if my logo decorating didn't make it completely obvious, my family and I celebrate Christmas. We used to go to church and embrace the religious aspect, but nowadays our focus is family (though if you've never been to a midnight mass I recommend it for the sheer beauty, regardless of your faith). 
 Do you have any traditions which you partake in on a consistent basis?
The most recent traditions I've adopted have actually been with the BF. For the past few years in lieu of presents we've booked a hotel and gone down into the city to enjoy the windows, the skating, and the Christkindlemarket. 

Last year we also started a new tradition of baking cookies to share with our friends and families. This was actually our holiday baking weekend, so expect a recap in tomorrow's WIR. 

We cookie-fied ourselves last year. 

What is something special you and your family/friends do?
In my house my dad has always made breakfast Christmas morning. Always. Growing up it was usually french toast with strawberries, bacon, and hot chocolate.  As we've grown (and the need for GF breakfast has developed) we've switched to potatoes and eggs. Regardless we always use our Christmas plates and sit down together after opening presents. 
Speaking of presents my brother and I have recently started spoiling our parents a little more and stuffing them stockings along with getting them presents. It's always little things, but it feels nice to show them that little bit of extra appreciation. 
What does a typical day during this period involve?
We've always split the holiday between families so we do a lot of running around. Christmas eve belongs to my dad's family and all his siblings take turns hosting. These holiday's usually involve grab-bags, alcohol, charades, and visits from our family in Kentucky. It's our turn to host this year (gotta show off that new house) and I think we're bringing some of the games from Christmas day to liven things up!

(oldie but goodie of me and my favorite cousin on that side)

Christmas day my family takes the time in the morning to open and enjoy our gifts to each other and our holiday breakfast. Then we clean everything back up (trust me, that's NOT my tradition) and relax before heading to my grandparents for the afternoon. Here we do a grab-bag with the cousins, enjoy the big traditional Christmas dinner, and play any crazy assortment of games that usually result in extra presents for the winner :) 

 It's the one time a year we're guaranteed to see my littlest cousins from Seattle, so we all try to have a big sleepover that night. Then it's Paul-kizzles (which are really just pancakes) for breakfast the next morning before we all split back to our day-to-day lives. 

Oh and just in case you were wondering... only 3 more days 'till Christmas!


  1. That's a great tradition you and the BF have. I mean the city and the cookies. How adorable. I can't wait to see all the rest and since tomorrow's WIR is going to be all about holiday things, feel free to linkup this post as well.

    1. Sooo I fell off the bandwagon reviewing last week... I had it all in my head... and then not on my keyboard :(

      But I did love your holiday listing!!

  2. How exciting to be hosting your first holiday- in your home too!

    I love how family oriented your celebrations are...and a massive sleep over? I wonder how much sleep will eventuate!

    1. There was not much sleep... though a large part of all that lost sleep was entirely the fault of my obsessive personality... :) But it was all in good fun and I'm sad now that they're over.

  3. I love that idea of booking a hotel to enjoy the windows, skating and market. I hope you had fun!

    CUP stacking! Awesome.


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