Sunday, December 1, 2013

Selfie Sunday

What? A post on a Sunday...who am I? In my defense I wrote this up before the weekend started (love you all but not enough to cut into my BF time). I just couldn't resist the first week of the awesomely titled link up at Arman's. I get to talk about myself and I get an excuse to take some selfies? That's a link up I can get behind! 

The big man's world

What is your cultural background?
I'm a european mix (including polish, dutch, german, and some other small percentages). Basically this means I rock totally awesome pale porcelain skin year round and that my dad's family likes drinks... and pierogi. 

What was your most memorable birthday and why?
I could be mean and say 13 where my parents said I could get a cat and then backed out AFTER we had gone to play with/pick one out at the shelter (love you mom!). Or that one in college that fell on Friday the 13th and I had to sit through a 2 hour calc exam. Looking back I've had some pretty interesting birthday's. 

(this one wasn't even mine but how cool is that pinata?) 

What is your #1 thing you want to accomplish in your lifetime?
I don't know if I've settled on one thing yet... I want to write a book. And raise a family. And have a garden. And love my job (where I hope to make a difference). I guess for now I could say I want to accomplish living my life. I want to be able to look back at the end and say that was awesome. 

(deep stuff, right?) 

What is the stupidest thing you've ever done?
Besides tequila shots? I kid, I kid :)  At this point I'm going to go with trying to convince my parents to take me to audition for a role in Annie when I was little. I loved musicals, I knew all the words, and I thought my acting was fabulous. I know now that this was a very smart move on my parents part because I cannot carry a tune in a bucket. 

Who was your childhood hero?
I guess I would have to say an author, or a hero/heroine from one of my favorite books for this one. I was a pretty nerdy child and I hate to say I didn't know much about people outside of my family and the books I read. Let's go J.K. Rowling for real person and Samwise Gamgee for fictional character (yeah I read the LoTr books in 5-6th grade, blame my dad for that one). J.K. Rowling made a pretty nice living for herself doing something she clearly loves which is something I'm aspiring to right now. And Samwise Gamgee is literally the epic best friend, the kind of person I both strive to be and am lucky to have found in my life. 

(You can't see my face, but I'm the nerd in the chair!)

Wow, was that deep enough for you on a Sunday? Hopefully the shameless selfies helped  to lighten things a bit. 

I told you mine now tell me yours, whats the stupidest thing YOU'VE ever done? I'm dying to know :) 


  1. You're so cute! Love your selfie Sunday pics! Stupidest thing I've ever done? Ooh, that one's hard. One time my friends and I decided to sneak into a hotel in downtown houston because we were stalking a band. We thought they were staying in the penthouse, but we ended up waking up newlyweds the morning after their wedding. On an off note, we never me the band we intended to, but on our way out of the hotel (we were running very quickly due to embarrassment), we literally ran into Coldplay unloading their tour bus. I guess that's my coolest AND most embarrassing moment ever.

  2. No joke since I was 16 I've had an exam on my birthday. Why is June 8th so popular?

    JK Rowling is a genius. My friend tricked me and told me she's writing an 8th book because she's poor...but seeing as you want to be a writer, you should assume that responsibility ;)

    something stupid I've done..argh the number of times I didn't make it to a bar because of pre gaming in my younger days!

  3. If you check my blog you'll see tequila was involved in my stupidest decision ;)

  4. Considering I am watching Harry Potter and looking at LOTR quotes, I'd say I completely feel the same about heros ;)

  5. I've done so many stupid things I wouldn't even know where to begin. Getting three tattoos all before the age of eighteen is a start though.
    I loved hearing about your heritage and porcelain and ivory are both acceptable ways to classify our coloring.

  6. the hobbit is one of my very favorite books..and lotr, obviously! 12 more days until the desolation of smaug :P

    i want my best friend to be samwise gamgee :)


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