Monday, November 25, 2013

WIR #29: The ER edition

Hey guys! Getting this in just under the wire today, but when I fill you in on what my Sunday consisted of I'm hoping you'll cut me some slack...

But before we get there I have lots of other great things I checked off my to-do list in the last week, so let's list those first shall we?

Big thanks as always to the lovely Meghan

The work
Did a few hours each at jobs 1 and 2 and picked up some bonus hours tutoring geometry for an old tutoring client of mine. I have lots of hours lined up at job #2 for when my client is on holiday breaks which will be awesome for my bank account. Did a couple of papers and clinical reports for school. There's only 2 papers, 1 demonstration, client conferences, and comprehensive exams (those are next week already... yikes!) are all that are separating me from the last winter "break" I will ever have as a college student. Now if only these papers would go ahead and write themselves...

The workouts
Were less than stellar, I'll admit. I went for about 8 miles total of run/walks last week, which means this weeks 5k may very well end up being the death of me. At this point I'm shooting to finish in 28 minutes and hoping my competitive spirit will kick in when I see all these people (including my baby brother) going so much faster than me. On the good side I foam rolled like a champ last week AND found a new yoga video I'm addicted to. I also signed up for the Elf 4 Health challenge and got paired with an awesome elf for the first round. 

The eats
Nothing crazy exciting here last week, except for the day I gorged myself on sweet potato fries...

And the pancakes BF and I made for lunch on Sunday, well after the ER incident...

But I think there will be enough food going on THIS week to make up for it.

The life
So this is the part where I fill you in on how I "ruined" a perfectly good weekend with the BF by getting the WORST migraine I have ever experienced at about 2am on Sunday. We'd had a great night out, shared a few drinks (nothing excessive or out of the ordinary), met some interesting characters at the bar (like the pair of recently divorced wives out to find some "young love" their words not mine), and cheered the hawks on to a nice win (even though the cable cut out literally seconds before the final buzzer). 

All in all a great night for us, made better by the prospect of sleeping in the next day (one of my favorite weekend activities). Well apparently my brain had other ideas. I woke up at 2:30 with a horrible migraine. Okay fine, life happens. Took my triptan, rolled over in bed and tried to go back to sleep. The problem with pills is that they only work if you can keep them down and this time around my stomach was having none of that. I'll spare you the details but after a few quick runs to the bathroom I was feeling pretty icky and the headache wasn't fading. Next thing I know the pain spikes like crazy and I lose feeling/control of my arm. 

Needless to say I woke the BF up at this point asking to go to the ER. 20 minute car ride, 1 full trashcan, and a struggle with paperwork later and we were settled into a room for the next 2 hours. I got countless pokes and prods, a CT scan (even though my MRI a few months ago was clean), and an IV full of something. Once the head pain faded some control of my arm came back, it was tingly and stiff but at least I could feel it. No one could find anything wrong or any reason as to why I should have been having arm problems associated with my headache. We left around 6am with instructions for me to make an appointment with my neurologist ASAP to follow up. 

Needless to say I spent most of Sunday sleeping, including a nap on the BF while he watched football, and going to bed way way early, and I am kind of grumpy that such an incident happened. I was all excited last week when my perscription came (my insurance refills automatically through the mail) and I still had a month and a half of my last three month supply. I thought I had been getting my headaches under control and was so happy that their frequency and severity had lessened. But this last one was scary. Majorly scary. So it's back to the drawing board in terms of management, but no doubt I'll figure it out eventually. 

Are you a competitive person when it comes to exercise? Any other migraine sufferers out there with advice to share? 


  1. Ah buddy, I'm really sorry to hear about the ER visit, the migraine, and the strange arm issue. Go to the neurologist and report back, even if it's via email. I'll be thinking of you and rooting for you until then.
    I'll be in Buffalo for part of this holiday weekend, and my little brother and dad are expecting me to go for a run with them, which is going to roughly be a 5k. I haven't run in at least a month and maybe closer to two, so I'm right there with you. It should be interesting. :)

    1. Wasn't able to get into the doctor until after christmas (apparently she didn't think it was enough of a deal for a rush appointment) but I'll be sure to fill you in.

      Have fun with your brother and dad, and good luck getting too and from Buffalo (it's not snowing there yet, right?) :)

  2. Aw so sorry that happened! Hope you're ok!!

  3. That is very scary, Sarah. Migraines are one of those things that are really disabling and no one seems to be able to figure them out. It seems that they are a very individual thing and some things that work for one person, don't work for others. Hope you're feeling better.

  4. Oh no Sarah!!! I'm so sorry to hear this. Hope you feel better soon! xo

  5. Urgh. It seems that even though I read this post, I forgot to comment! Man, that happens to me a lot.

    This is quite scary. I've never had a migraine personally, but I know those who get them chronically and I wouldn't wish one even on my worst enemy.

    This is probably far-reaching, but there isn't any chance that you accidentally got glutened at the restaurant, is there? I know that migraines are often a symptom of celiac, as can circulation/numbness in the limbs. Just a thought. Probably wrong but I didn't want to NOT mention it when there's a chance it could be anything.

    Either way, keep us updated with what you find out!


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