Monday, November 18, 2013

WIR #28: The post-Birthday reality check

Hello everyone :) You miss me? I could offer a million excuses for my absence last week, like how I was too busy trying to find research for my final paper in my final reall class of grad school, or how the internet access to my laptop has been shady at best (even though it works fine on my iPad and phone...). I could blame the totally self-indulgent weekend with the BF, or enjoying some rare free time with my dad while he was off painting the new house.

But the truth of the matter is I spent the last week eating cupcakes.... lots and lots of cupcakes.

Okay fine I do have a few other accomplishments to round up, and what better way to do that than with a list?

Last week I took my last ever exam in my last ever "real" course in school. Ever. True I still have written comps in 3 weeks (yikes!) and I have papers to write for my finals, but in a few short weeks I will be basically, completely finished.

I received notice of my medical placement (again with the yikes!) for the spring last week, though I'm more anxious to get my school site since I start there in January. But everything is coming together very neatly here at the end of the semester and I'm trying not to freak out that by this time next month I'll only have a semester of school left. Wow that sounds really final when I write it out...

In other school related things I outlined my final paper for voice disorders and did some research on happiness for my counseling class (look for more on that later this week).

Fitness this week was.... not as good as I had hoped. But one part of being committed is being honest when those commitments fall through... I only ran 5 miles total last week. And all of them were pretty rough. I've got myself laid out to clock quite a few more this week in anticipation, but at the current rate it looks like Thanksgiving's 5k is going to be rough.

I was good on the yoga and general stretching things this week though so I guess there's that :)

Other than that the biggest thing I did last week was celebrate my birthday. I came home from class on wednesday to a shelf I wanted assembled in my room, topped with the aforementioned cupcakes,a new wallet, and some pretty balloons. Thanks mom and dad!

I then helped my dad disassemble that shelf, pick out a different one at Ikea, and assemble the new shelf in it's place. At least everyone is in agreement that the new one is nicer (thanks for your patience Dad!) 

 And then over the weekend I got to celebrate with some of my friends from HS and of course the BF. He showed up on Friday night with a giant box filled with 23 things that prove I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have someone who listens and cares about even the littlest things I mention in passing. I got cookbooks, workout clothes, bubble bath, chapstick, and things I don't even remember talking about or mentioning more than once or twice. 

And he decked out this box of goodies with post-it-notes, seriously it does not get better than that!

The two other birthday indulgences included a long awaited DIY project....

I'm a tea drinker, and a big fan of displaying my jewelery. For $2 and some hot glue this seemed like the perfect solution.

Annnd some long overdue goodies shipped to my number one fan from the get-go (plus I know she has no allergies so I feel safe sending her food). Nothing wrong with spreading the love around right?

I promise to be back on a regular schedule this week... and at some point catch up on all of your posts and comments! Happy Monday.


  1. Happy belated lovely! Sometimes we get of course, but for birthdays it's totally worth it. Veg out, relax, and enjoy the school work winding down...oh and eat more cupcakes ;)

  2. Happy Birthday, Sarah! It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration. Aren't we lucky to have such wonderful, thoughtful and caring people in our lives? Hooray for You! Good luck with finishing up all of those little loose ends for school. Almost done... Have a great week!

    1. Thanks! Hope you're having a good week as well :)

  3. Hey that's my box!! I said it before, but thank you, it was incredible kind and thoughtful, and I appreciate the homemade love more than you know.

    What a wonderful birthday week! I think we should try to find a way to make them birthday months, although that might be overdoing it, even for me. I love that you sent back the shelf only to pick out another one. Hey if you know what you want and are ballsy enough to say so, it's a good thing. Speaking of knowing what you want....the BF; man, he nailed your birthday. Seriously, what a great guy. He sounds like a keeper, not that it's my business, but leave it to me to say something anyways.
    Don't sweat the workouts (ha, get it). They'll come back around. If you're fighting it, try something different.


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