Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chopped Kitchen Challenge: November 2013

I'm back!! We're fully, truly, officially moved into the house today including having access to internet again. Which is perfect timing since I have some thanks to offer up to Meghan and Madison for blowing it out of the water last month with two or more deliciously fall flavored recipes each (your invisible crowns are in the mail ladies).

I don't have much in way of a post today but I wanted to announce this months challenge sooner rather than later so everyone had time to get cooking (myself included!). November is a very special month (due in no small part to my birthday coming up) and as such I had to round up some more of my fall favorites to feature.

This month your challenge is to get cooking with 
Thyme, Allspice, Sweet Potatoes, and Cranberries

Feel free to use one or  more ingredients in your dishes (bonus points if you include all 4!) The link up will go live in 2 weeks ( a little less time this month) on November 21st, giving everyone a chance to experiment before Thanksgiving. The rules are the same as always (which means they're flexible). 

So what are you waiting for? Let's get cooking! 


  1. Great combos! I don't think I've ever actually cooked with fresh cranberries, but I must change that!

    1. Oh you have to! We start hoarding then in the freezer as soon as they come into stores because I love them so much :)

  2. I wasn't sure if that was thyme or a sack of the herb. I thought maybe she lives in a state where medical marijuana is legal. Thyme makes more sense though, although you could always use all spice in a brownie recipe.
    Maybe I should focus on the squash and cranberries. :)

    1. Oh geeze, my mind didn't even go there until you said that and of course now it won't leave... maybe you should be cautious if I ever send brownies in the future :)


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