Wednesday, November 13, 2013

25 before 25

Hello! If you came here looking for food today I am sorry to disappoint. I had plans to do my usual WIAW things with the rest of the cool kids... but today is my birthday and so I decided to my own thing instead (shameful I know, but I'll be back for the food party next week). 

Which is unfortunate as I have to go to both school AND work today 

I've got a list of sorts for you today. I suppose you could consider it a to-do list (though not of the epic proportions some people seem to complete each week) but I think the more appropriate term would be a bucket list. 

Rather than a life long list however, this is a list of what I hope to accomplish in the next year. 25 things I'm excited or expecting to be able to do before I turn 25. I found an interesting one at Lifehack and an adorable one at Hello Giggles . But seeing as this is my space I felt coming up with a list of my own would be more appropriate. 

Consider it further insight into what makes me tick (as if you wanted to know) or a map of what you can plan to see me working towards in the next year. Or you could not pay it any consideration at all and be on your merry way, I'm making this list for me after all :) 

  1. Graduate with my masters degree this spring
  2. Run  a 10k 
  3. Go vegan for a month 
  4. Start a job in a non-for-profit or a school focusing on students with autism
  5. Move into my own space
  6. Complete my reading list (more on this later)
  7. Watch a sunrise with the BF
  8. Visit my best friend in Buffalo
  9. Self-host my blog
  10. Adopt a dog
  11. Join a CSA
  12. Visit my friend and family in Seattle
  13. Learn to use a "real" camera and improve my photos
  14. Learn to mediate
  15. Start writing (again)
  16. Develop, test, and post 2 recipes a month 
  17. Join a recreation sport league
  18. Be thankful, and present in my day
  19. Participate in a "fun run" (color run, muderella, tough mudder)
  20. Learn to brew kombucha
  21. Attend a Chicago Blackhawks game
  22. Drink more tea
  23. Explore my faith 
  24. Find environmentally friendly beauty products that fit my needs 
  25. Be able to do 60 push-ups without stopping 
What's on your bucket list? Or your to-do list (I'm not picky)? 


  1. I did the exact same thing for my birthday! 25 by 25 :) Though your list is far more comprehensive than mine! Mine included lots of movies and wine haha.

    Also Kombucha is super easy to make. If youre interested I have a tutorial on my blog!

    1. Oh I've seen your tutorial :) I'm in the process of finding a SCOBY now and then I'll be following your fermenting expertise!

      And there is nothing wrong with movies and wine.

  2. Happy Birthday again! Now I wish I had thought of this brilliant idea in April so I could do a 20 before 20. Much less work.. haha.

    Self-hosting, reading, improving my pictures are all things that I want to do too! Oh, and feel free to share what you find on the more organic/healthy beauty products. I've been scoping out some options for Christmas because I want to make the switch too.

    1. Will do! Right now I love my Burts Bee's and Yes To brand but I'm looking into others when those run out :)

  3. I'm trying to do a '20 before 20' list lately too. I've got 3 years to finish it, so that should be enough time, right? Your ideas are great! A 10k is totally on my list too!

    1. 3 years sounds like plenty of time! I'd love to see what else you would add :)

  4. 60 push-ups without stopping?!! Good god woman, you'd have to be Rambo. More power to you though. Way to reach for the stars. Alright enough about that, let's talk about more important things. Ahem, ahem....mi, mi, mi....Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday dear Saraaaaahhhhhhh! Happy Birthday to you.

    I can't wait for you to do a CSA. :)

    1. You and me both! Hopefully this summer. And I had to have one "big" one on there... considering I can do about 10 modified push ups currently I'm excited to see how close I can get haha


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