Monday, October 14, 2013

WIR #23: For the win!

Good morning everyone! I am determined to make this week a good one (so don't stop me now) because at the end of it I take the be all end all of tests. This Friday at 10:30 I sit for my Praxis exam. If I pass and complete all my graduation requirements by May I will earn my temporary license and finally be able to call myself an SLP! 

Yes I realize that I just made this one test out to be more important than the 7.5 months of school I have left but if there's one thing I've learned in grad school it's that once you're in it's really hard NOT to pass...

So really passing this test (and a whole pile of paperwork I don't even want to think about filling out this spring) is my last big step. That's a large part of the reason why I'm taking it now, before my full time clinicals, so that I can fully enjoy those experiences next semester without the stress of this hanging over my head. 

I'm happy to say that after a few months of "studying" (followed by some crazy cramming in the last 2 weeks) I've managed to condense almost everything I've learned in the last 4 years and arrange it in some logical order in my brain. 

There may have been more cookie dough and starbucks involved than I would care to admit to (and don't get me started on the amount of paper/highlighters). But none of that matter because I took my 4th and final practice test from my book last night...

It's hard to see in the screenshot but that bit
 of green text in the middle, that's a PASS!!

I've passed all 4 of the practice test's I've taken and that fact alone has got me feeling good for Friday (which is good because last night wasn't my highest score so far).  I have plans to review some sections of material each night (preferably by bubble bath) and plans to celebrate on Friday once this is all said and done (preferably with alcohol though that's TBD). 

So this week I've done all the usual, scheduled in my workouts, paid my bills, written my lesson plans, prepped some healthy eats. I worked double shifts all weekend at job #2 to cover for my co-therapist, and did a whole lot of laminating at job #1 on Friday. All I have left to look forward to is being able to walk out of that test on Friday (hopefully!) feeling good :)

Since there was some minor listing of last week's accomplishments here at the end I'm linking this as a week in review. If you want to get technical I could call it a Praxis in review since that's basically all I talked about...

Either way Meghan likes to encourage rebellion so I don't think she'll mind!

If you got through all my SLP humor to the end, good for you (and seriously thanks!) do me one more favor and send me some positive thoughts Friday morning, say 10:30-12:30ish? Thanks!!


  1. It sounds like you are super organized and ready to go for this test! Crossing my fingers for you :)

  2. Sending you so many positive thoughts from now until eternity! You're gonna kill that exam and I can't wait to read all about it :)

  3. Sending positive thoughts your way. I know you are going to do awesome and then you'll get to heave a great big sigh of relief. Phew.
    Compiling four years of data, retaining it and doing so in a logical fashion is a huge accomplishment. You got skills.
    Praxis in review has a nice ring to it, although next week you'll need to do Party In Review. :)

    1. Haha thanks, I've got a party in review in the works for you this week :)


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