Tuesday, October 8, 2013

WIR #22: Headaches and getting ahead

Ever feel like just when you are starting to get ahead life comes around to remind you "un uh nope" and sends you spinning 2 steps back.

Welcome to my life this week. After spending a great weekend at job #2 and then hanging out with the BF to celebrate passing my SLP content test (only one more big exam to go and it's next week! YIKES!) I come home from work Sunday evening with the mother of all migraines. Took my pills and a nap, trying to get myself to at least a functional level for the rest of the evening... 

I ended up passing out in my bed around 9 pm, not completing any of the homework that needed to be turned it at various points yesterday. 

Needless to say waking up Monday morning with a migraine hangover (the best way I've come to describe the lingering pain and fuzziness that comes with my REALLY bad headaches) mad my placement and my afternoon scramble to complete my work before class really fun. Thank goodness I felt like an almost human being by the middle of the morning and the day managed to get progressively better from there. 

Setbacks like that make week in review even more important because looking back on all the things you are able to cross off your to-do list is the best inspiration to get through the seemingly impossible task of pulling yourself back from a setback. 

And if you don't believe me just ask Meghan
the Queen of all things inspirational and listy. 

So before all that went down in the last 48 hours I wrote and published 4 blog posts, including an awesome (if I do say so myself) fall flavored link up and a public commitment to fitness both helping to keep me committed to finishing my second year of grad school on a healthier and more positive note. 

I got back a passing score on my SLP content exam (a requirement for state board of education licensure in Il) and celebrated with a giant pumpkin spice latte (the final free drink on my starbucks card so I can now fully cut that expensive addiction) and another practice test for the Praxis (my national board/licensing exam) which I take next Friday. 

I know how to party, huh?

Other than that I had great sessions at my off campus placement, did some language screenings on preschoolers, stressed over where I'm going to get another 47 hours of therapy before the end of the semester (I need to clock 200 on campus before going off to clinicals full time next semester... soo close yet SOOOO far). 

I had some great sessions with my kiddo at job #2, including a really fun team session at the library. I ran a couple miles (not giving that up even though it's not part of Steph's program) and did my exercises, meditations, and journal entries for for my fitness commitment. 

I savored my 18ish hours I got with the BF since I probably won't see him now until after I take the Praxis on the 18th (I have a full weekend at job #2 plus studying kind of eating up my free time to be driving up there for the next week and a half). 

And then yesterday I finished a paper, read and reviewed two research articles, wrote 3 lesson plans, and just tried to catch my breath. 10 days from now and life will be good and this chaos will be over... let's just hope the headaches hold off until then :) 


  1. Sorry about the migraine knocking you down :/. You sound like you're getting a lot accomplished though even with that bump in the road! Oh, and look for a Facebook shout out from Steph sometime soon for joining the program ;)

    1. Sweet thanks! And I got back up so fingers crossed it keep up :)

  2. Hope your headaches hold off too! Boy you got a lot done! I took a break from trying to do EVERYTHING (which is my norm) and I'm actually proud of myself for that :)

    1. YAY!! Breaks are awesome, and good for you for taking one :)

  3. Oh I hate to hear about your migraine, but so glad you bounced back strong. You had a very impressive week and your passing grade is a HUGE deal. I'm so happy for you, and I can't wait to hear about your next passing grade. In just ten days. It'll happen and then you can really kick back and celebrate. You deserve it.


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