Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WIAW #28: Leftover-tastic

Good morning everyone! It's Wednesday which probably means you're here for the food (let's be honest you're really here for my charming personality, but I'll let you use the food as an excuse). Either way you came to the right place because today is the day for good eats. 

Don't believe me, just ask our lovely hostess Jenn, she and her chickpea are hard to argue with :) 

The best habit I've been falling into this year is one of reducing waste. We're usually pretty good at eating up leftovers around my house, but lately we have been going to town on them! Combine that with my unwillingness to toss slightly bruised/mushy looking produce (though I still draw the line at slimy) and NOTHING around these parts has been going to waste. 

So what exactly does a day of leftover/rescued eats look like? Well lucky for you I took pictures. 

Breakfast has been a switch between basic oatmeal and these guys. I had lots of baked apples leftover from my recipe testing for tomorrows party, so I've been happy to re-heat and eat these on the go the last few days. 

Bonus points for using apples that were going mushy to make these!

Random road fruits for snackage during the commute and between clients. #publicbanana's are my go to for pre-workout fuel which is needed for those group fitness classes I've recently fallen in love with. 

Lunch and dinner have been the best kind of leftovers... casseroles! Don't mind my quickly snapped photo on before diving into dinner at Monday's night class. I was hungry, and it's really weird to try and photograph your food in class.

Mexican Lasagna

We made two casserole dishes this week (which is great for me!) mostly because my parents are crazy busy with all the meetings that go into finalizing their purchase of the house. Between them both there's a bit more cheese than I would like to admit to eating in a day... but let's be honest I love my cheese so I'm not really upset :) 

I don't have a picture of our Baked Polenta Pie (the other casserole pile of soup) because we've yet to make a batch that is solid enough to be photo worthy... I think we add too many veggies... and I don't really think that's a problem.

And's thats been the eats so far this week! Lots of veggies, lots of cheese, a good dose of fruit, and rescued food to boot. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the baked apple recipe among other goodies (my last tease for this month's party!)

Are you a produce rescuer? What's your favorite way to treat the stuff that's not quite "fresh" anymore? 


  1. big salads are a go-to for me when food is on it's way out. I've eaten some very strange food combos before!

    1. Oh thats a good one! I got some strange soups that way in college.

  2. Those baked apples look out of this world!

  3. Too many vegetables is not possible. And definitely never a problem!

    Unless it was something like zucchini bread. Can you just imagine if there was more zucchini than bread? Lol.

    I love using up the black bananas in banana bread or banana ice cream... Vegetables that are going soft are great for chili too!

    1. Haha I agree it's not really a problem... but it does tend to make for a very wet casserole!

  4. Those apples with oats are adorable! I'll have to give those are try. They are seriously fall in a mouthful.

  5. I totally come here for your charming personality. The cheese is just icing on the cake. I've been known to ingest too much cheese on occasion as well; it happens. Oops. Glad to hear you're loving your group fitness classes. It makes such a difference when you're doing a workout you really enjoy.


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