Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WIAW #25: Reality eats

Good morning everyone, I'm back to a regular posting schedule after my little setback earlier this week, and around here on Wednesday's we eat!

Be sure to stop by Jenn the veggie-loving mama
to say hi and thank her for hosting this little party!

This week I decided to do a little side-by-side action for you. So much of the food out there is so beautifully staged and photographed (that's what makes it look so drool worthy) but somedays I like to imagine what those people eat at a regular meal. Obviously food doesn't look as good without great staging and lighting, but that doesn't mean it's any less delicious right?!

Today's eats are some things that you may have seen around here (or IG) before, because they are things that I love to eat on a regular basis. The difference is I'm showing you the pretty picture worthy photo, right next to what the meal looks like on a regular day in my lunchbox (and yes I've hit that point of the semester where I'm living out of my lunchbox at least a few days a week).

Frozen GF waffles from Trader Joes have quickly become one of my obsessions. For a $1.50 a box and a list of ingredients that I could pull from my pantry (if I had a waffle iron... or you know time to make my own waffles..) these are a steal and I've considered buying out their whole freezer section and hoarding them... except I live at home and my mom already thinks I have a food hoarding problem.

On the weekends I love these topped with butter, honey and cinnamon. Or cream cheese and berries (and maybe a little more cinnamon). But on an average weekday I've been treating them like a bagel smearing on cream cheese and flax seeds (and okay okay a little more cinnamon) before running out the door to eat them in the car.

My other Trader Joes obsession is their garlic hummus. Again the ingredients are ones that I could sue to make the same hummus at home (and I've done so before), but sometimes convenience tops homemade. 

I love getting the last bit out of summer by topping my hummus with tomato and cucumber before attacking it with chips. And you know what the whole mess of dip goodness tastes just as good coming from a tupperware as it does a pretty plate (actually sometimes it tastes a whole lot better because by the time I get to my lunch I am usually STARVING!)

It's not fair to make a comparison for dinner because if I'm eating dinner out of a lunch box it's usually an odd assortment of whatever I didn't eat throughout the day. 

Fruits, veggies, smoothies, and almond butter are a few things that usually hang around until later in the day. Whereas if I'm at home I (or some member of my family) will usually cook something for dinner. 

Like garlic shrimp :) 

So there you have it a day of pretty eats, and a day of their lunchbox counterparts. They may not all be beautiful but every bite is always tasty!


  1. Great idea! I find it kind of funny when someone says that they packed up their lunch in tupperware for the week... And yet there it is on a ceramic plate surrounded by food props? Lol.

    Garlic shrimp sounds so good right now!

    1. Haha don't get me wrong I'm jealous of all those pretty pictures (probably because my quality isn't there yet) but most mornings I don't have time to stage my food and then re-pack it into something that fits my lunch box :)

  2. Can't ever go wrong with garlic shrimp & pasta. In my opinion, it's one of the easiest & most satisfying dinners.

    1. Easy and tasty, thats how we roll :)

  3. Making me really wish we had TJs in Canada! their garlic hummus is ridiculously delicious!

  4. Everyone seems to be talking about those gf waffles! I think I need to go buy them!

  5. Those shrimp look so big and succulent. Yum!

  6. I like when other people cook dinner for me. Those might be some of my favorite meals. ;)
    Then again, I love to cook for other people too so I suppose it all evens out in the end. I love topping hummus with the last little bits of sweet summer produce. I throw on some artichoke and kalamata olives too and call it Greek. Or just delicious.
    I think all your pictures look great; whether it's on a pretty plate or from your lunch box.


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