Monday, September 23, 2013

WIR #20: SLP grad student life

This has been a week of small accomplishments and successes. I'm still adjusting to the fact that my full load of courses includes  a clinical internship, so it's work but without the loads of studying/prepping/homework that comes with most of my classes... it's turned me into a rather lazy student (not hard since I burned out over the summer BUT bad considering I have that GIANT test in less than a month) and I haven't quite beaten that lack of motivation yet. 

That makes celebrating all the little things I did manage to accomplish this week, and what better way to do that with a week in review?!

(Go visit Meghan to see what she and the other OCD types are up to) 

I ran a total of 8 miles throughout the week, still about a minute off of the 8 min/mile pace I'm shooting for but the speed I have is getting consistent so hopefully I'll be able to go faster this week! 

Besides running I did some basic weights/bodywork stuff before/after each run and had a great yoga session by myself last night

I stocked up on a great selection of teas at Trader Joe's and Fruitful Yield (I might be just a little excited for the cooler fall weather) along with more of my favorite hummus and tortillas. I also found a package of puffed millet which I've never seen before but I thinking I could have some fun with it in the kitchen later this week. 

Eats have been as good as I could hope considering I ate two boxes of Joe Joe's last week and didn't ever really stop to plan anything healthier. So I'm organized and ready to get those back on track this week (sweater season may be on it's way but that doesn't mean I need to eat like I'm going into hibernation). 

Though even the healthiest of plans didn't deter me from having a drink on my girls night for one this Friday. 

The one bummer about job #2 is that the hours are on the weekends, and some weekends I have early sessions, which limits my interest/ability to go out. But you won't ever hear me complaining about a tomato face mask, a good drink, and a hot bath :) 

Speaking of fun drinks I also picked up a bottle of kombucha this weekend to see what all the hype was about. It was fruity and fizzy in a nice way, but for the cost I think it would be a special treat at most, not a regular drink.

It was very pretty in the bottle though!

Goals for this week include running 8-10 miles (total!) with a consistent 8.5 minute miles. Packing and eating healthy foods each day. Studying 2 more chapters and completing 1 more practice test in my Praxis prep. Taking over 3/5 clients on my supervisors caseload at work. Enjoying a date night with BF next weekend (once he starts earning a real paycheck!). 


  1. Eight miles and you're starting to enjoy it...Hot Damn; I am impressed!!

    I also loved your hashtag on the bathtub girls night for one picture in Instagram. It cracked me up because I have been there before! I'm excited to see what you do with the Puffed Millet. I bought some puffed rice (same brand) with big plans to make my own Honey Crisp cereal and it's still sitting in my cubboard. I'm not even sure it's good anymore. Oops.
    Thanks for linking up.

  2. What a week! Curious to see what you do with the puffed millet. I like to add it to homemade granola bars but I've yet to find another use for it!


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