Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WIAW #21: The no regrets, photo dump, edition

So you may or may not have noticed that I've been AWOL since last Thursday (if you didn't it's okay I forgive you). Since one of my goals for self improvement this year is no excuses I'm not going to offer up a list of why I was too busy. 

Life happens, and especially this first full week of clinic my life  tends to get out of control which requires me to take a step back and refocus (and also take a step back from the caffeine but we'll get to that...)

And anyways you came here for the food, right?


Proud momma to the worlds most adorable chickpea Jenn is hosting the party as always. So you should go check out her tips on how to have fun with you veggies, and offer her your congratulations on her baby girl!

This is a weird Wednesday for me because it's been a weird week... Breakfast has ranged from whole grain waffles topped with the worlds easiest fruit "compote" (which is really just thawed frozen cherries and berries mixed with fresh ginger and lots of cinnamon) to cookies from my lunchbox scarfed down during my morning commute (yes it happened, I'm not proud of it but I make no excuses either!)

Lunch has mostly been this leftover sweet corn and poblano soup my dad made. Sweet and summery with just a little bit of heat it's been a nice treat since I've been too scattered to think (let alone think about packing a full lunch) the last few days.

Said soup has been eaten over piles of client notes and/or praxis notes as I try to remind myself why I signed up to take this test in October (when I don't have to have it passed until sometime next spring). Nothing says back to clinic like piles of paperwork!

I did really good on Monday with a nice greens and green tea pick me up for the afternoon slump. Tasted good, left me feeling good, I was patting myself on the shoulder a bit for having the organization to get this treat together for myself.

Then Tuesday hit. Didn't make it up with my first 3 alarms which I how I ended  up with cookies for breakfast and a jar of soup for lunch, and nothing else to get me through the day. Which is how I found myself at CVS buying one of those bottled Frappuccino's, and since they were buy one get one free I bought 2. And then because I was in such a brain fog I drank both. And thoroughly regretted them both when, by the end of my mommy-daughter date night yesterday I had triggered myself into a major migraine. 

I know. My bad. Some days the boost needed to get through the day is worth a bit of a headache. Some days the resulting pain is a lot worse than any good I got out of the caffeine buzz.  Yesterday was kind of in the middle, but I was happy to sink into a nice hot bath and then my bed after yesterday (more in the date night in my WIR when I get that up!) 


  1. We all have those days or weeks! I'm just getting on back on the bandwagon now after weeks of pure indulgence and inactivity. I took a bath a few days ago too and it was glorious! they need to happen far more frequently!

    1. I agree it needs to happen much more often! Every day is a new day to make good choices, glad to hear you're getting yourself back up there!!

  2. Agreed with Davida ^ Same here

  3. No excuses necessary. Life has to come first. It's great you see that and cut yourself some slack from time to time. Sh!t happens and we have to be willing to roll with the punches so to speak. Not that I actually want to be punched. That'd be no fun.

    I want to try your dad's sweet corn and poblano soup. I love the flavor combo.

    Hang in there.

    1. Thanks :) I don't think I'd want to be punched either... but I got ya.

      The recipe he made loosely follows this one: Though I know he used more onion and I think there was an extra poblano too (who needs a recipe, right?)

  4. Whenever I see the words "no regrets" I automatically think back to a tattoo mistake that I saw on the news once that said "no regerts." Lol. Hilarious.

    That poblano soup that your dad made sounds amazing!

  5. Looks like a fun linky!! I definitely have those "don't feel like making lunch" days. They usually result in bad decisions for me. Then, I regret it when I get to the cafeteria and have a less-than-healthy lunch.

    Sometimes you need that Frappucino boost though!

    - Pam


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