Thursday, September 12, 2013

CKC #4: Reveal Day (aka my vegan cheese disaster)

Hey guys! Keeping this intro short and sweet today because you all came to see the food, right? (Or you would be here to see the food if anyone else had creations to share... someday!!)

So without further ado I present to you my adventures in GF, vegan mac and cheese. Mac and Cheese happens to be one of my favorite comfort foods. My mom's recipe from when I was growing up included a little mustard powder in the sauce, and as I've developed my own version I've started added a healthy dose of dijon or country style mustard to my own recipe.

I figured mac and cheese would go well with tomatoes (because who doesn't love tomatoes and cheese?!). And since my aunt recently went Vegan (and I have a big can of nutritional yeast I'm trying to eat up...) I decided why not put one of the many vegan "cheese" recipes available online to good use and vegan-ize this creation (you know me adding extra challenges to my own challenge).

The result was interesting... I wouldn't call it bad... but it wasn't what I was expecting, or what I wanted. It was definitely an exciting way to combine this weeks mystery ingredients, but I think I'll stick to regular cheese next time :)


  1. Ricki Heller is a really delicious vegan mac & cheese! Well it's delicious in it's own way...not in the Kraft kind of way ;) Love tomatoes and mac. I also like adding hot sauce!

  2. Certainly LOOKS like it would be tasty! Bummer it's not what ya wanted though :P

  3. Try Daiya Cheese (vegan)

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  4. Well it may be a disaster, but I would totally give it a shot! Maybe if you didn't look at it as a cheese attempt but just as something new to eat you would like it better!

  5. Vegan cheese.... shakes head.

    There are some things you just don't mess with it, especially when they are so good in their natural state. Cheese happens to be one of them. Mac and cheese is another.

    The addition of tomatoes was sound though. I'd say better luck next time, but I'd rather you just stuck to cheese, although I'd still love ya if you didn't. :)


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