Monday, August 26, 2013

WIR #17: Beer, Hikes, and small accomplishments

Happy Monday everyone! I'm officially attending my last, first, day of school
 and there's sewage in our clinic (hopefully not a sign of things to come this year). 
Yeah you didn't need to hear that but we're here to share, right? 

Actually we're here to list because that's what cool kids do on Mondays.

Don't believe me, ask Meghan she's the coolest kid of all (as well as a mob boss?)

Last week was one more week of fun before classes start 
(and the BF starts interviewing for grownup jobs)
So we crammed in as much fun. together time as possible. 

Wednesday we helped his mom take his youngest cousins to a picnic at the park and to the pool.

Our planned hike got rained out on Thursday (rain is fine lightening not so much). 
So we settled for an 80's movie marathon on Netflix instead. 
We also went on a bit of a "quest" to locate this beer...

Both of us are huge fans of Game of Thrones
 and BF has been hunting this beer down since
 he heard they were making it. 
We found it at this sketchy little liquor store 
in the next town over from mine. 
And now he can say he's tasted the Iron Throne :) 

Thursday dawned sunny and dry so we set off for Ottowa Illinois to explore Starved Rock. 

 The rains from Wednesday actually worked in our favor because 
there was a little waterfall in one of the canyons 
which was both refreshing and beautiful. 

We got a little lost on the way back because the bridge we 
planned to take was out, but 5ish miles later we made it!
We're already talking about heading back in the fall/winter 
to see the bald eagles who nest there!

Sunday morning I took my mom  out to Egg Harbor for a 
Pre-Birthday Breakfast (her actual Birthday is today!)
We both got Rosti which is like a potato and egg pancake
and I got a side of GF pancakes too!

Delicious, but maybe not the best pre-workout fuel. 
Regardless I managed to break my goal of 3 miles at a 10 min/mile pace!

The rest of the day was spent at job #2 and just getting stuff ready for school. 

And now that I'm back I'm kind of wishing I wasn't... 
but then theres a bigger part of me who's really excited to be starting
 because that means I'm one day closer to being done with school for good 
(at least until I  start working in one as a "grown up" but that's different). 

Are you an organizer freak or a highlighter fiend? 


  1. Omg that beer is awesome! I need it! haha

    1. Haha he said it was pretty tasty (and worth hunting down!)

  2. Seriously this was a fabulous much good stuff. I want to have an eighties movie marathon! And go hiking at that place! And eat your mother's breakfast! And drink GOT beer! Killer week.


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