Monday, August 19, 2013

WIR #16: Run, eat, study, repeat

Hey guys! Back on a usual schedule around here this week as work has slowed to a normal pace and life has started to settle (fingers crossed!). Nothing too crazy has happened since last week's shenanigans but we're here to celebrate all accomplishments right? Right! So lets get list-y with it.

If there isn't enough listing here for you, 
you can swing by Meghan's and see what everyone else managed.  

The Eats
Nothing crazy here, food continues to be mostly vegetarian (with a healthy dose of cheese...). My mom has been talking about eating more vegetarian food around the house now that my brother is at school... not sure my dad will approve or how long it would last but it will be exciting to see!

We did have some awesome black bean tostadas when the BF came for dinner.

And some delicious panko crusted salmon with farm stand fresh green beans.

The workouts
These have been starting to get back on track. In an attempt to further increase my motivation (and look after my feet!) I went out and bought myself some legimate running shoes. This is an area where I know nothing but thankfully me BFF's parents own a running store here in town. So I paid them a visit and her little brother hooked me up.

They feel good, I guess? They certainly feel supportive when I'm walking around in them. And sadly walking is about all I've been doing. My feet used to be sore all the time when I waitressed (especially at the end of  a shift) and I've noticed lately if I've had a really long day they'll be a little sore. But my last few runs any time I've slowed to a walk (which is about a mile in) my right heel has been killing me. 

From the back of the heel to where my thumb is, it feels like a constant achy pressure in that round, bony, part on the bottom of my foot. So I've been icing it, and I took the day off to rest and stretch. It was feeling okay yesterday so I planned an easy run for the morning (fingers crossed it goes well!)

The Life
I'm officially into back to school mode now. Classes don't start until the 26th, but I'm scheduled to take my state licensing exam in September and my national licensing exam in October so I've been hard at work transforming 5 years of notes into usable study materials (and wishing I'd taken better notes in some of my classes!) 

It's a tough job but I'm trying to approach it in the most organized fashion possible (shocking, right!?) so as not to overwhelm myself completely. That's also why I'm trying to get the organizing and compiling done in the next week before classes start, so that way all I have to worry about is actually studying once real school gets under way. 

That's life around here in a nutshell. BF and I have plans to meet up for at least a few days this week, and I have extra hours at job #2 (gotta pay for those new shoes!). I've also got some cooking planned (which I may rope BF into) and hopefully getting running back on track. 

Anyone else ever had heel pain before? What did you do to make it better (please share!) What was the best thing you did over the weekend? 


  1. Things sound much calmer in your world now, which is a fabulous thing. Not so fabulous is that heel pain. I've got nothing for you on that one. I get pain in the top pad of my foot which has something to do with my arches. I usually just ignore it (this is not great advice). Looking at those black bean tostadas, I can't wait to see what you and the BF cook up this week.

    1. Yeah that doesn't sound too good for your feet!! I've been heavy handed with the ice pack, I'm hoping that and some new dr. scholl's for my regular shoes will even things out :)

  2. I've been having the same ache in my heel too! Uhg! Those black bean toastadas look delicious btw

    1. love love love tostadas!! Do you do anything for your heel? Right now I'm just heavy handed with the ice pack haha


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