Friday, August 16, 2013

WIR #15: AKA where I've been since last week...

So I could offer you all a million excuses as  to why I've been such a "bad" blogger the last few days... but I'm not going to because that's annoying and the truth is always better anyways. Truth is I've just been really freaking busy. Some of you live your lives and still managed to pull together amazing posts on a regular schedule, I applaud you, I really do... I'm not that person. My bad :)

The work

Is what took up a majority of my time for the last week and a half. This Wednesday the project that I've been working on all summer at job #1 was due (just in time for new staff orientation, imagine that). We start in 9 charter schools in and around the city this fall (4 old plus 5 new ones) which means that each classroom needed a set of materials, since materials were never really made when we started in the schools last year (it was a last minute thing right before the start of the school year) I had to make all of the materials for all 9 classrooms. A couple 1000 laminating sheets, papers, posters and hours later my kits looked good. Actually they looked awesome, so awesome that I wish I had remembered to take a picture (but by the end of that last day I was just too damn tired and wanted to go home...). Either way our clinicians are all going to have awesome therapy rooms and now I wish someone would make me a therapy kit that was neat and organized instead of the box I have everything piled in at the base of my bed... Someday...

The life

Is the other thing that really threw me off. In an attempt to get me out of the office (and I expect to steal some kisses as well) the BF planned an awesome date day and a half last weekend in celebration of his finally moving home.

Thursday after work he came to my place to eat dinner with my family and check out construction on the new house with my parents. Then we enjoyed $10 game night at Gameworks. There was racing and shooting and bowling and pool (and he somehow managed to keep me up until 1am [like 3 hours past my "bedtime"] without me even feeling tired). 

Friday a friend of ours from school had one a happy hour downtown so we spent the day running (I'm working on it!) and vegging before heading down there. We got to the neighborhood early to search out some dinner (since bar food is not usually "sarah food") and thought we struck gold when we found this place with a whole gluten free menu...

The pizza was so good that it didn't taste gluten free (red flag #1) after double checking with our server who was VERY reassuring that it was fine and they had never had a problem I proceeded to eat the whole thing (it was tasty!)... we paid our bill and went on our way. We got to  the happy hour and I was a glass or 2 of wine in when the problems started... needless to say I don't remember leaving the bar or getting to the train station but I do remember wanting to pass out once we got to the station because my stomach hurt that bad. 

I'll spare you the details but I spent the rest of that night near a bag or a toilet, before finally passing out when BF got me home... so much for a happy hour. I had to miss work at job #2 on Saturday because I could barely move and I spent most of Saturday and Sunday morning asleep in bed waiting for my body to forgive me. Of course Sunday night we had family coming over pizza to say goodbye to my brother... at least I managed some salad...

The rest of the week so far I've been taking it pretty easy just working and hanging out. My brother moved into his dorm room yesterday and he seems to be settling in well :) 

The eats

Based on the story above you now know that over the weekend at least all I managed to choke down was some rice and bananas (and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of water). While I was working crazy shifts I was living on grab and go food that I could eat with one hand while I manned the copier with the other (granola, muffins, fruit). Needless to say there hasn't been much exciting in the food around here lately...

except this :)

My brother wanted key lime pie at his going away "party" this weekend and rather than mess around making a GF one (because I was in no shape to do so) my mom asked if she could buy me anything. I'd seen these lemon curd tarts from Hail Merry at Whole Foods before and figured I could give one a try. We gave it a little whipped cream and fresh lime zest to match the pies and HOLY YUM it was good. It took a few bites to get used to all the coconut flavor in the crust but this was a little tropical party in the mouth... and I kind of wish I had another one right now. 

The workouts

Have been few and far between based on the work schedule and the recovery weekend... I tried to go for a run yesterday but my foot was having none of it. So instead I went to my friends parents running store and had her brother help me pick out a pair of real running shoes (I figure if I'm gonna keep it up some real support won't hurt). If those babies aren't motivation to get my but into gear again I don't know what it, I think they're the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever owned... but they are super comfy and my feet are worth it :) 

Thanks as always to the Lovely Meghan  for hosting (even if I'm totally late) and look for your regularly scheduled posts next week as I get my life back together!


  1. Looks like a fun date day- sorry about the pizza!

    1. you and me both! haha but it was fun before that

  2. I have been SO busy with life too lately, so I can totally feel you! Sorry about the pizza, but your weeks looks like it was a blast! Sometimes little breaks are just what we need!

  3. I can see why a key lime pie would entice you back to eating. It'd get me too. I'm sorry to hear about the gluten incident; that is pretty awful. I hope you called that restaurant and gave them an earful or something. That's not cool, and I'm rooting for things to settle down in your world soon.
    Real running shoes....who are you?!

    1. I don't know (I'm starting to scare the BF haha). It certainly was enticing and delicious, though in retrospect not the best way to ease back into eating.


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