Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WIAW #18: Greens, Beans and peanut butter

Happy Wednesday! It may have been a few weeks since I linked up but as a general rule I hate to miss out on a party, and that's what happens at Jenn's every Wednesday :)

Food this week has been plain and simple. I'm focusing on really trying to settle into good eating habits before school craziness starts again. I usually compile some of the prettiest photos of the week to get a representation of some of the goodness I'm eating. This week I have an entire day of eats for you (Tuesday's to be exact) from the first sip in the morning down to the last nibble of the night. 

Mornings start the same (most days) during allergy season. 
A big glass of H2O with some apple cider vinegar and raw honey stirred in. 
It does an excellent job getting the sinuses cleared for the day let me tell you!

(bonus points for drinking it down during yoga!)

While drinking that down I'll take my daily anti-migraine cocktail plus my fish oil.

(That's fish oil x4, daily multi vitamin, magnesium, and COQ10)

 I followed it with a strawberry, orange juice, banana, spinach smoothie 
which I drank throughout my morning session at job #2. 

It's never as pretty once it's been blended...

Since I sipped down that giant smoothie all morning 
I only needed a few of these peanut butter protein bites to carry me
 through the first round of studying this afternoon. 

I heated up a little leftover mexican quinoa for lunch round two
 before hitting the books again for the rest of the afternoon. 

(when we made it this weekend it was stuffed in giant fresh tomatoes, which makes it even better)

Dinner was a quick and simple bowl of white bean and kale soup.
Topped with a healthy amount of parmesan cheese.  
There were a few of my favorite tortilla chips from TJ's on the side 
but since they were mostly crumbs I didn't bother with a picture :) 

And that's about it. No staging, no minimal editing, and lots of everyday deliciousness. 

Are you a big meal eater or more of an all day grazer? 
Usually I graze more (especially while studying) 
but I guess I managed to stay focused today?



  1. loving your smoothie and peanut butter bites!
    Shashi @

    1. Your site looks delicious (okay technically thats the food!) Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Your meals do look so fresh and clean! And super yummy of course! I'm loving the water+cider vinegar+honey beverage. Sounds like a great way to kickstart the day. :)
    I generally like to have three larger meals, but sometimes, especially on running days, I find that I eat pretty much all day!

  3. Totally an all-day grazer!! Although breakfast does tend to be a bigger meal. I have the worst seasonal allergies too! I drink AVC in the morning but it doesn't seem to help the sinuses :( Have to take allergy meds or else I am sneezing and sniffling all day! The worst grrr

    1. Aww no fun! It usually makes my nose feel all tingly (though it could all be in my head!) but sneezing your way through the day is the worst!

  4. Mexican quinoa and pb bites sound and look divine. Mmmmm.

  5. I've been a huge WIAW rule breaker lately, but I really do love to see an entire day's worth of eats. I'm always fascinated by what other people eat day in and day out. I love the smoothies (I had banana peach this a.m.), those peanut butter balls (peanut butter in ball form always wins), the cheesy quinoa and your healthy does of Parmesan cheese. It looks like a fabulous day of food to me.


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