Monday, August 5, 2013

Week in Review #14: Almost wordless...

Hey guys! I'm trying to be a good little grad student and get all of my notes/materials/practice tests together over this break (I have written comprehensive exams and 2 licensing exams to take this semester). That being said I'm going to keep it short and simple around here (at least for the next few days) while I start to get all that paperwork in order... It's amazing how many piles/folder of notes I was able to accumulate over the last 5 years.

 The eats have been nice and fresh and salad like... with the exception of this wonderfully amazing dinner!

Thrown by my two oldest cousins, in celebration of their parents 
(who are a truly wonderful and loving couple who deserve all this celebration and more)

The steak was amazing, the vegetables were to die for (!), the wine was great.
And then there was dessert...

Since I couldn't have a slice of the celebratory cake with everyone else 
I got my own little dish of creme brulee. Trust me there were no complaints here :)

The physical health has been off to a great start this month , I'm hoping I can use this break to build myself into a routine so it's easier to stay on track at school. No pictures here (because no one needs to see that!) But I managed to run 3 days last week with other stuff mixed in, and I learned the very valuable lesson that 3 days off in between runs is far too many...

The life has been pretty typical minus the family party over the weekend. 

Making posters galore at work. 

Shopping for some new glasses to replace the one's
 I'm pretty sure I've had since High School.

Getting sucked in to the lure of all the pretty new lunch skins at Target
(my lunchbox deserves something pretty, am I right?)

And winning a whole mess (like 20!) of  Justin's Peanut Butter Cups 
from Amanda over at Diary of a Semi-Health Nut

Be sure to stop by Meghan's to see what everyone else has been up to in the last week!

Now back to work for this (good) little grad student. 


  1. Omg congrats on that giveaway! Yum! And creme brulee looks fantastic :)

    1. Thanks! It was really really good :)

  2. I wouldn't say no to crème brulee either. Heck, I'd chose it over cake any day of the week, so you scored on that one. Good luck getting all your paperwork together and try to enjoy your couple of weeks off.
    By the way, three days of running in a single week is great. Winning peanut butter cups; also great. Those wouldn't last a day in my house and yes I do mean all 20. Reese used to be my favorite, but it's been years since I've had them and years since I found a substitute. You'll have to let me know if those are any good.

    1. Based on how fast my dad went through them I would say they were a hit! Though I think they're pretty pricey to actually be buying as a treat, I'd rather make my own haha

      The running was the first thing to go when this new set of deadlines picked up at work and I miss it...hopefully later this week!

  3. Whoo! Congrats on winning that giveaway. Those peanut butter cups sound delicious!

    Having dietary restrictions isn't always a bad thing it seems! It was the same when I was still on my meal plan at school. I got a huge plate of grilled chicken and steamed zucchini/squash every time. People got jealous :P Honestly though I would have preferred the pasta that everyone always seemed to be chowing down on :)

    1. I did like having my own little section of the mess hall with all the other "health" foods, and being able to walk into the freezer to help myself to GF goodness was always kinda cool!

  4. That creme brulee looks so good! Your week was so so busy! You must've been going non stop girl!

    1. Haha who need's sleep, right?! Deadlines are due this Wednesday so I'm almost there :)

  5. Sounds like a pretty good week! Best of luck with all of that work you have to do!


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