Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chopped Kitchen Challenge #1 Reveal

Hey guys! The time is here for the first official day of my link up!!

Not that I'm excited or anything :) 

In case you missed it last week here are the rules

The Rules
Every other Thursday I will post the ingredients for the week 
(3 seasonal or fresh or crazy things that I happen to pick up at the store that week). 

You will have until the following Thursday to make whatever dish/drink/treat your little heart desires. 
On that day the link up will go live 
(and stay live until the new ingredients come up the following week) 
giving you a chance to share your creation with everyone else. 

See I told you it was easy :) 

I plan to keep my ingredients free of the 8 major allergens
so that everyone can join the party :)  

Week one featured corn, bread and green onions. Corn is a wonderfully fresh, summer ingredient that I couldn't wait to put on my plate. Bread is a go to base for me when I'm stuck in recipe development. And the green onions happened to be getting REALLY ripe in the fridge so I needed some motivation to finish the bunch :) 

I gave myself about 20 minutes to make up dinner one night last week and this is the result. 

Summer Fresh Panzanella 

I added avocado, tomatoes, yellow pepper, red onion, and lime from the pantry (plus the basic olive oil, salt and pepper) to make a fresh salad with a combination of hot and cold ingredients that tasted like all the best of summer on a plate!

Your turn! If you had a chance to cook with these goodies already awesome, link up below! If not you have until next Thursday (when the new batch of ingredients goes live) to get your submission in. Not a blogger, share what you would do with these 3 ingredients in the comments (or let me know via email and I'll make sure it gets up here). 


  1. Love this idea of a challenge! Once I get sorted from my vacation, I'll have to link up! Your dish looks so good!

  2. Yum! Love the recipe!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this link up. I'll have to think of something for the week, whether the meal be for lunch or dinner

  4. I love your summer Panzanella salad. Very creative.

  5. Oh my gosh, this is SUCH a great idea for a linkup! So creative, but really fun! I totally love it!

    Unfortunately, my life is a little topsy turvy right now, but I definitely want to participate in the future.

    That being said...for this week, I'm envisioning a savory cheesey bread pudding with fresh corn kernels and green onions stirred in...yum!

    1. That sounds amazing! I'll take a bowl please :) I know you've got a lot going on right now but when your life settles down I'll still be linking up!


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