Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIAW #17: What I wish I was eating

Those are some things I would like to be eating this week... I've been having major veggie cravings and I'm missing the fresh green juice I could buy at the Whole Paycheck Foods by my aunts (the one around here doesn't juice). 

Not that I haven't been eating some pretty tasty things around here...

Greens and green tea smoothie

Baked potato with spinach and leftover goat cheese

Cranberry almond granola

It's just been one of those weeks where everything I want to eat is exactly what I don't have in the fridge/pantry. On top of it being one of those weeks where I managed to forget all of the toys for one lesson plan, lose misplace the key to our mailbox at the condo, lose misplace my car key at work (to the point where my mom had to drive my spare out to me, and I still haven't found it) and I would say its a good thing summer clinic officially ends today. 

Be sure to stop by Jenn's page to see what everyone else has been eating this week!

What do you do on those days weeks when your brain just seems to shut off?


  1. Sounds like a rough week- hope it gets better!

  2. I'll get back to you on that question as I still haven't found the answer. I guess just ride it off because it has to end sooner or later :)

    That first shot of the juices is great. They're all so vibrant. Have to check that out.

  3. On the days my brain shuts off, I eat a bowl of cereal for dinner while watching really bad tv.
    At least clinic is officially over and now you get two crazy weeks free. Live it up.


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