Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIAW #16: Fruits, veggies, and a whole lot of hummus

Happy Wednesday everyone! I gave you a rundown of most of the goodies I cooked with the BF
 this weekend in yesterday's posts, but I saved all the pretty food for today :) 

(meat, as much as I like it, is always going to be brown which is hard to make pretty)

Thanks as always to the lovely Jenn for hosting this weekly eating party! 

Eats so far this week have included lots of fruits, veggies and hummus :) 
And as always I've made up a few collages to put it all together!


Strawberry smoothies
banana nut muffins
crispy cranberry almond granola. 

Snack Plates 

Texas caviar (beans, tomatoes, corn, avocado)
Tortilla Flax chips, pub cheese, edamame
Carrots, cucumbers, tortilla chips, and extra garlicky hummus


Strawberry sundaes (for national ice cream month!)
Road berries (because why not?!)
Strawberries with a side of yolk porn :) 

If you're not linking up (and you should because it's where all the cool kids go on Wednesday) let me know the best thing you've had to eat this week in the comments!!


  1. Mmm I've been going crazy for strawberries too! They've been super flavorful lately! Happy Week Sarah :)

    1. Thanks! I know I've had soooo many this week

  2. I'm digging your snack plates; all the delicious fruit, the veggies and hummus and Pub cheese. I'm a sucker for cheese.


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