Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WIAW #14: The weekend rage edition!

 Hi Guys! It's Wednesday which means another look into my life of food, this week I'm sharing my eats (and drinks!) from the 4th of July AND my weekend with the BF. That's a lot of food (and drink!) so I hope you're all ready.

Thank you as always to the Lovely Jenn at 
Peas and Crayons for hosting these shenanigans! 

The was a massive spread of fruits and veggies and salads to choose from on the 4th of July. 

Veggie platter, strawberries, potato salad, strawberry pretzel salad, 
shrimp salad, watermelon, broccoli coleslaw. 

As you can see I tried just about everything, plus a cheeseburger :) 

Fruity things, burger things, veggie things. 

And what's a celebration without a lot little to drink!?

Angry Orchard, my favorite hard cider!

Then we switch to the Dave Matthews concert this weekend. 
The Bf and I had a quick picnic on Friday and an all day tailgate on Saturday. 
Either way I spent the weekend eating pasta salad, crackers, veggies and hummus. 

The pasta salad has the official BF seal of approval. 

He even made me breakfast on Saturday morning!
 Eggs with cheese, peppers, tomatoes, and ham 
with a side of strawberries and raspberries.  
I made my own jar'o'tea :) 

Besides eating and enjoying the music there was also drinking this weekend. 
Can you tell I don't get out much?! 
Haha I swear I was drinking like it was going out of style last week :) 

Mikes Hard (which is GF?! why did nobody tell me this!) in the concert

Baby bottles of wine at the tailgate!

What was the best thing you had to eat (or drink!) this weekend?

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  1. Lots of picnicking and live music for both of us this weekend. Sometimes those are just what the doctor ordered, especially when it includes boyfriend made breakfasts.
    Angry Orchard is one of my favorite ciders too.

    1. I know it was exactly I needed :) I was glad to see you had such a fun outdoor weekend too!

  2. Of course you can't fully celebrate the 4th without some type of alcoholic beverage :) :)

    1. It's my favorite way to celebrate :)

  3. Hahaha I feel ya on the drinks on vacay!


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