Monday, July 1, 2013

Week in review #9: Personal time and space

The title of this post comes from one of my favorite lines on my favorite TV show  (scroll ALL the way down). Whenever life gets to be a little too much to handle, whether its good or bad, my tendency is to retreat into myself (introverts unite!). A lot of people refer to this at taking "personal time" but since it's the space to myself I crave I never found that label quite appropriate. This was a week of personal time and space from both celebrations and disappointments.

This has been one whirlwind of a week, filled with highs and lows (sometime in the same day which is always fun...) and being Monday means I get to share them all with you. Preferably in an organized little list because you all know how happy lists make me :)

Something else that makes me happy? Meghan (AND she loves lists too) so be sure to stop by her place to see what the rest of us list-loving, recappers have been up to this week.

The eats

  • Getting back on track after all the junk (and coffee) from last week was a lot easier than I thought. With as busy as life has been I've been eating a lot of grab and go foods, preferably the smoothie variety. 

  • As you can see I've been getting my greens. There was also plenty of fresh fruit, sun tea, and of course a little chocolate

  • My solo date night (see below) wouldn't have been complete without a little fro-yo from my favorite, Cocomero. I go the raspberry tart flavor with fresh raspberries and strawberry poppers... and sprinkles, those are my absolute favorite ice cream topper and I always add what appears to be an obscene amount :)

(sorry for the sketchy phone photo)

The work
  • We had training for all our summer volunteers at job #1 last Friday. It was a long day full of paperwork and role play, but we left with everyone feeling ready to start in their program classrooms today!! I'm sad that my schedule hasn't allowed me to actually work in a program since last summer but I've been learning about all aspects of my chosen field by working around the office, and all that hard work has paid off in earning me 2 part time clients of my own this summer! (okay not really on my own, I still have to be supervised, but still it's exciting!)

  • Great sessions on Saturday and Sunday at job #3, I'm settling into a routine with this client and loving that so much of what I'm learning with him applies  to my clients at job #1 and school as well. 
  • Speaking of school summer clinic started last week, and it was amazing! I have more clients than I've ever had, and this is my first time seeing clients more than once a week (so I'm still trying to get all the lesson planning and paperwork sorted) but for the most parts my clients are amazing. It's going to be a long and crazy 5 weeks but I will be happy to be all caught up on my hours at the end. 
The workouts
  • 3 days of yoga, keeping me calm and stretched throughout this busy week. 

  • 1 day of in home arms/abs/bodyweight work to get my heart pumping (and let me tell you I was a sweaty mess by then end!)
The sad
  • BF had plans to come up for the Blackhawks parade on Friday and he was going to surprise (as much as you can try to surprise a girl who needs 2 planners to keep her schedule straight) me with a date night on Saturday. You all have seen the countdown on here for weeks, you know how excited I am to see him for our concert trip July 5/6. So you can imagine how excited I was to find out that I was going to get to see him a whole week sooner... and how disappointed I was when his plans for the parade fell through and he decided not to come up to see me after all. 
I'd been cramming my work in during the week so I would have time to enjoy Saturday... so when the plans fell through I suddenly found myself ahead on my work with a bunch of free time on my hands. Combine that with the rollercoaster of emotions and you have the perfect set up for...

The personal time
  • I went to the library, for fun, for the first time in months! I love the library in my hometown, they have enough books and magazines and music to keep me happy for years and they are constantly adding new materials. Picking up a few new books and all my favorite musicals on CD was step one in my weekend "time and space"
  • step two was the aforementioned fro-yo, which was so delicious it's worth repeating :)
  • I took some time for a full body dry brushing, nail buffing, lavender oil soaking evening on Saturday while reading through my "fun" books. 
  • I also continued my weekly pilgrimage to Trader Joe's (how convenient that job #3 is right down the street) and picked up some more grab-and-go eats that you'll continue to see throughout the week. 

All and all not a bad week (all disappointments aside) and I certainly enjoyed pampering myself a bit this weekend :) BF countdown is at 4 days!!

When you're feeling down are you a time AND space person, or is one usually enough? What does your dream day off include? 


  1. Busy week! Such a shame that your boyfriend couldn't get there, but he'll be there soon. Your "me" weekend sounds great though and I'm sure you felt better for it. Enjoy your day, Sarah!

    1. Thank you :) It was nice to have some time just for me

  2. Introvert over here for sure! Sometimes we really do need our own personal time alone. To think. To relax. To just "be" without needing to be with someone else... You know?

    Sorry your boyfriend didn't get to visit! That stinks.

    1. YAY! I love meeting other introverts... in a weird non-introverted sort of way haha

  3. Aw sorry the plans with the bf fell through :(

    1. Thanks... at least it's only a few more days until pans he can't cancel :)

  4. Oh your little jars are oh so cute! Isn't yoga just the best? It's a workout and so relaxing at the same time! I'm sorry your bf plans fell through! :(

    1. I do have quite a collection :) And it really is my favorite way to workout!

  5. Man you work an awful lot, and I bet it's hard finding personal time and space when you're sharing a room. It makes being an introvert that much harder, but great job pampering yourself Saturday night. Sounds like exactly what you needed (and what I need; sign me up). I need to do more yoga for the piece of mind alone.
    Have a great week....BF will be here before you know it.

  6. GAH, I totally know what you mean about being upset when things fall through. It's like, yeah, free time is great, but I like to plan for it.

    Long distance relationships are so hard. I hope you guys can see each other again soon!


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