Monday, July 29, 2013

Week in Review #13: Breaking the rules

Hey guys! Meghan's not the only one being a "bad" blogger today. In defense of the late post I was being a "good" grad student and finishing up my clinical reports before I let myself finish this (that's right at 4pm Wednesday I will officially be free from school for a whole 2 weeks... not that I'm excited or anything...). 

I have no defense for hacking the link up though... I swear it happened all on it's own :) 

At the start of July I shared my goals for whole body health for the month with you all, and since July ends in 2 days (again not that I'm counting...) I thought today would be the perfect time to hold myself accountable and share my progress. 

My goal has always been to live life to the fullest, but if there is one thing I've learned about goals over the years it's that grand general statements like that don't count for squat. I broke my health down into 4 main areas for this month, and I've been checking in on them over the weeks. Having a focus make it easier to be consistent (and fits in with my organizational tendencies) and I think it's a pattern I will be continuing.

Physical Health
I may not have hit the 5x a week mark every week, but I did make some big changes. While I was staying at my Aunt's I took 1 (or 2!) walks with the dog each day. I had to give up the yoga there pretty fast because she thought I was getting on the floor to play... but I have a whole bunch of practices pinned that I can't wait to tackle this month. Biggest change this month was that I started running... I use the term lightly but hey

I joked last month about not running a 5k anytime soon, and I'm not saying I've signed up, but the fall fundraiser at my clinic (Job #1) is a 5k walk/run so it's been on my mind. 

Next month: Continue running 3-4x a week and strength training or yoga on the off days. I'm also on the hunt for some heavier weights (I'll elaborate later). 


Do I have to elaborate?

Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Breakfast made by the BF. Stir fry, wraps, snack plates, and pizza. This month was full of delicious (mostly!) sketch free food and drink and I loved every delicious bite. 

Next month: Continue the good eats. Finish my research into vitamins and find a balance that will help clear my skin (which has been looking like a teenagers lately!) and continue to keep the headaches at bay. I've been doing a lot of research on my own but any input/suggestions from you guys would be appreciated :)

This was a good month for me. I participated in all my usual link ups (plus a fun new one with the BF!) cleaned up the layout around here and added a few fun new features. I had my first guest post and continued to build the base of people I follow regularly. You guys have been so sweet and supportive in the comments so I assume the content here is working :) I did manage a recipe every week this month which was awesome and I'm hoping to keep that momentum going with my new link up! I premiered the idea last week and week one goes live this Thursday (so I hope you've all been cooking!). 

Next month: Build my link up, keep on top of my comment replies, and increase the comments/connections I leave on all of your wonderful sites :) 

My goal last month was to be more mindful by embracing the little moments and I have to say the biggest lesson in that came from this lovely lady...

Watching my aunt's puppy was a blast (though I had a REALLY hard time leaving her) and I can't wait until next year when I (hopefully) will have my degree, a job, and a place all my own so I can adopt a bundle of love for myself. Seriously I don't know how anyone could have a bad day when they have that to come home to. Other fun moments include two (count that two) visits from the BF and a visit from the Bestie. 

My best friend is originally from Buffalo, NY and she went back there in the fall for PT school. That means I see her 1-2x a year max when she comes home to visit her family (and that will probably dwindle in a few years as they move away too). We talk and write letters plenty but there is something to be said for a cup of coffee and a walk all throughout downtown. Of course this was capped by a few more hours of talking in the Main Street Cemetery (it's been our thing since high school). We talked about anything and everything including boys, food, homemade living, rings, grad school, puppies, Buffalo, and so much more. 

A talk with her leaves me refreshed like nothing else in the world and I really wish we both had the money for plane tickets so we could visit face to face more often. As of now we've got a double date planned for us and the boys when they come home to Chicago this winter (her boy has never seen the city and is terrified of the train) and I have very loose plans to finally go visit Buffalo once I have a real job (and the $$ that comes with it). 

Next month: I want to continue this positivity (and organization) as I get ready to move off campus for clinic and start studying for comprehensive and licensing exams. This should be easy because A: BF moves closer to home next week B: The little brother heads off to college in 2 weeks (no more room sharing!) and C: I'm not going to let myself get caught up in any negativity :) I have so much to be grateful for in my life and I fully intend to keep embracing that anytime I get the urge to complain. 

That was one heck of a post, and a lot more than I usually write (sorry guys!). For those of you who hung in there I'm looking for any advice you have on running, vitamins, or positivity. And since I broke all the rules today you should be sure to go say hi to Meghan and feel free to apologize on my behalf :) 


  1. Continuing the positivity and organization are totally my goals for the next month too :)

  2. Your goals are such good ones! I need to make some August goals since it's just around the corner. Even if you don't always reach your goals, making the changes and trying to stick to them is JUST as important! You keep going girl! With food as tasty looking as that, you must be having a great month :)

    1. When in doubt eat good food, right!? Thanks for the positive thoughts :)

  3. I like goal posts almost as much as I like lists and you managed to do both here. Sa-weet.
    I'm from Buffalo originally and go back and see the family as often as possible. Does you bestie like it there? I'm thrilled she has a mouth full of metal too. We can start a new trend; adults with braces.
    It sounds like your eats have been really good, which is what I would normally attribute acne to. I suspect the summer heat doesn't help, but check out your hair care products. I switched shampoos and broke out like crazy. Good luck.


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