Monday, July 15, 2013

Week in review # 11 moving out?

I officially took over my aunt's house last week. And with it her adorable (if incredibly shy) dog and my cousins cat (who the dog is terrified of... it's kinda funny).

 It was a big change from sharing my room with my brother, and it's definitely been an adjustment process. I had to call BF to stay on the phone with me while I locked up the whole house, and my parents came to have dinner and visit on Friday because I was lonely (not that they complained my aunt has awesome cable!).

But I'm settling into a routine here now and I have to say this whole "my own space" thing has its perks. Theres room to fill the fridge with juice for smoothie making throughout the week.

The dog sleeps with me every night (took some adjustment but now it's awesome!) She also makes sure I get out and get my cardio each day!

The eats

  • Green smoothies, yellow smoothies I've been blending it up!
  • Raspberry sorbet, with fresh raspberries
  • Recipe testing pizza!
  • My first ever non-scrambled egg (I think it's fried? I'm not really sure)

The workouts
  • 1-2 half hour walks with the dog each day
  • 2 days of arm and ab bodyweight work
The life
  • Turned in my official notice at job #2, with my off campus schedule and studying for comprehensive and licensing exams I just wasn't going to have the time  to maintain a client load (and I have to say even though this job paid the best I'm looking forward to only having jobs I actually like in the fall!)
  • BF is coming to visit (again!) sometime next week while I'm still house sitting and my family goes on vacation. He officially moves home and starts his job hunt at the end of the month (and while home is still an hour apart it's a lot closer the the 2+ hours with conflicting schedules we've had all year). 
The blog 
  • Buttons were added along the right for all of the lovely ladies I link up regularly
  • The about me page was updated
  • A blogroll page is in the works (look for it later this week!)
  • I'm looking into starting my own link up (details to come when it launches next Thursday)
Thanks as always to the lovely Meghan for hosting this list happy party for the OCD diva in us all.

Be sure to swing by her page to see what everyone else has been up to!


  1. I used to love house sitting in college because I got so much space all to myself...well and the dog I'd house sit for.
    You were one accomplished lady and I'm glad you were able to cut back on one of your jobs; one day I'd like to hear more all about these jobs and basically what you want to be when your all grown up (your kinda there aren't you).
    Thanks for adding my link-up to your blog; that's very sweet of you. I appreciate it, and I really appreciate being an OCD diva. We all have issues, so I figure we should embrace them, right?!

  2. I thought you would like the title ;)

    I am (almost!) all grown up another year until I get my degree and then 9 months after that my license. We'll have to email chat someday soon besides eating bananas in your bosses car I don't know much about you either.

    1. I would really like that. I have my email address on my blog, and you might already have it since I'm a commenter, but I think an email chat sounds great.

  3. Yay for bf visits!


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