Monday, July 8, 2013

Week in review #10 : BF, concerts, and running?!

I finally got to see the BF this weekend!!

Sorry. Just had to get that out of the way :) You all know how much I'd been looking forward to seeing my better half and a weekend of sun, and music was just what I needed. But there was actually a lot going on last week, most of which fit into my goals for a better me this July. So seeing as it's Monday let's break it all down week in review style.

(Thanks Meghan!)

The Eats
This was a crazy week for food between the 4th of July party with my family and the partying BF and I did all weekend at the concert.

  • Fruits and veggies  in mass quantities

  • Pasta salad (still in the testing phases but delicious!)

  • Waaayyy to much to drink this weekend (but whose counting?)

The workouts
That's right there are real workouts this week!
  • 2, 2-mile runs through the new neighborhood (still not sold on the idea but I'm trying)
  • 2 yoga flow routines from Yogatic
The work 
  • I finally passed 100 clock hours at school, I had a lot of clients who missed due to all the snow storms we had this winter, and it was such a relief to finally pass that first benchmark. Only 300 to go!
  • First week doing therapy at job #1, both of the clients I get to work with the summer are AWESOME! Which is always a great way to start... now if only I could make these hours count for school...
  • Great session with my client at job #3 on the morning of the 4th, and again yesterday right when I got home. I'm so fortunate to have stumbled into this job because I continue to learn from my client every day we work together. 
The life
  • 4th of July celebration with my family included a backyard BBQ and a awesome round of salad bowl (which is basically charades on steroids) Naturally my team won :)

  • Weekend up at Alpine Valley with the BF included 2 amazing setlists, picture perfect weather, good food, great drinks, and a month's worth of backlogged kisses!

I managed to stay on track with all my goals for health, while still enjoy family, friends, and booze fun. I haven't had a weekend this relaxed in weeks (and I paid for it last night as I was up lesson planning and finishing my homework) but it was totally worth it and I wish I could go back right now :) 

Any suggestions for a newbie runner on making the experience more enjoyable? I swear I stretched and drank lots of water after and my body still felt like it was declaring a mutiny... 


  1. Yayayayayayaya! I'm so glad that you finally got to spend time with your boo! Chris and I have been doing long distance for the past few months and I know that it's SO hard to be separated from your best friend.

    This sounds like a really fun weekend :)

    Honestly, for me, it simply took time to adjust to running. It sounds like you're doing everything right (warming up, stretching, etc). So I guess my only advice would be to stick with it for just a little bit longer and seeing if that doesn't make it easier :)

    1. Yeah you've been a lot farther, a lot longer than I have, it stinks, but we get through :)

      Thanks for the encouragement, I'm sure it will get better as I keep going (it has to, right?!) haha.

  2. You and your boyfriend are so cute! I'm so glad you finally got to see him. You look so happy in that picture!

    Ok, as for the running, start off slowish. I would do intervals of walking and running first, then I slowly eased into the whole two miles thing. I also always run outside. Outdoors has so much more to look at then the treadmill. Also, have you ever ran with a buddy? Talking makes the run FLY by! You'll get better as time goes on though! It doesn't matter how bad the run is, you're lapping everyone on the coach!

    1. on the COUCH not coach. Woops!

    2. Haha thanks it was really great to finally hang out! I'll have to try intervals this week and see if that makes it better.

  3. That's awesome that you finally got to spend some time with your boyfriend! That's a great picture of the two of you.

    The homemade pasta salad looks and sounds delicious. The best part of the test phases is that you get to eat each and every batch!

    1. Aww thanks!!
      I know having an excuse to eat all the pasta salad I want is my favorite part :)

  4. So excited that you got to see the BF!! Sounds like work is going well And you're excited about that. That's the best part. Have a great day, Sarah!

    1. Thank, it really does make the days easier :)

  5. Aw that's so exciting!!

  6. Hooray for, I meant boyfriends. I'm so glad you finally got to see your man and have a great weekend together. Great job with the eats and the running...who are you?! You go girl. I find music helps a tremendous amount along with small goals along the way. I'm rooting for you.

    1. Haha don't ask me, I'm as confused as you ;)
      As you saw I've added the puppy to the running mix, so far thats helping!


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