Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIAW #10: A very snacky day

Hey guys! This month Jenn is featuring sensible snacking for What I Ate Wednesday's, a great way to check out what everyone else is munching on and hopefully get some ideas to spice up your own eats :)

Lucky for me today is one of those days where the meal seemed to fall to the wayside of a million little munchies (I blame icky crampy girly problems for killing my appetite). This is what it looks like when I snack for an entire da, which happens more often than I would care to admit :)

Breakfast was the least "pretty" muffine from yesterdays batch while I was photographing the rest for tomorrow :) There was also 3 huge mugs of ginger tea (I like the Stash blend with extra ginger added in). I was hoping the tea would help to settle my stomach (it didn't) but at least I got a bunch of water to start the day with!

Lunch was more tea, I moved to my favorite "soothing strawberry mint" this time. I followed that up with some  leftover veggies and dill dip from the party this weekend (the dip was probably not the best choice as it ended up killing my appetite again, but it tasted good at the time!)

That was followed by 2 museli granonla bars in the car between tutoring clients (it's not the most sensible thing  to eat 2 granola bars in a sitting but they were good and my appetite was finally coming back). I always keep bars, balls, trail mix, or ceral in my car for when hunger (or TRAFFIC) strikes. 

2 hours of tutoring (and yes MORE tea) later and I was finally starting to feel like myself (THANK GOD). Dinner was a big plate of leftover salad from the weekend. My mom mdae 2 huge pans of salad and we barely made it through half of one at the party... it's been a very green week around our house to say the least. Not that I'm complaing :) (my brother on the other hand...)

That's my day! 1 meal 3 snacks and more tea than I would like to admit to :) All in all not a bad looking day of eats and ceratintly light enough to bring my stomach back into being settled. 

What's your go-to snack for emergencies (in the car or other places)? 


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