Monday, June 24, 2013

Week in Review #8 : In which working spoils (almost) all the fun

Well that's a lovely title to start off with, no?! I should come up with a better one since I'm relaxing for the first time in what feels like a month (thank goodness for wine...) but I feel like it sums up last week perfectly so I'm keeping it up there. My blog, my rules (yeah I went there) :)

Last week wasn't so bad overall but it felt about a month long, which is why I am so incredibly glad it's over.

The work

  • 20 hours (give or take) logging therapy session data at job #1. This wouldn't have been so bad except that I thought I finished this project last week... until the girls brought in about another 3 months worth of logs... for 30 students... 

Thank god for coffee!

  • Writing about 40 pages of lesson plans for my summer clinic clients. I hate lesson planning. I don't bring a lesson plan in with me, I don't read off it during a session. So it's just a big pile of tree-killing formality. 

  • This is the one week of summer where we have 2 condensed courses at a time. That means already fast paced material has been doubled up. And I'm supposed to write a research paper for the online class I'm stuck taking because no one told me it was a requirement for a state license while I was in undergrad.

Basically my life has been a crash course in "real world" SLP paperwork... which I wouldn't mind if, you know, I was actually working. But I'm not, I'm paying for this torture. I may need mental help...

The workouts
  • Remember when I was supposed to be working out more because I see the BF soon and he's been killing it at the gym (whether out of dedication or boredom I'm not sure). Yeah that didn't happen this week. If you're looking for an excuse look at the amount of paperwork listed above. 
  • Okay I did get one workout in. I finally took some time to do an online yoga class last night. And it felt awesome... someone remind me to work out sooner the next time I'm losing my mind... pretty please? 

The eats

  • Also not as good as intended. I think I lived off of almond butter and crackers this weekend... and coffee. Which leads to...

The headaches
  • which were back in full force this weekend. As in one every day :( This is why I don't drink coffee, I know it gives me problems and makes bad days even worse... The buzz is nice in the morning but not worth the mess it turns me into when it wears off. And I was drinking it in droves this weekend trying to keep my eyes from glazing over. 

The good
  • We celebrated my last cousin's graduation party for the summer. It was a lovely party with all my family. And I got to play Cards Against Humanity (which I have decided I need to own ASAP)

  • 11 days until the BF comes to visit! (this one is self explanatory)
  • Summer clinic (while a major headache) started today, and it went really well overall. Clinic reminds me why I am putting in the crazy hours of class and work to get my license and that is because at the end of the day I love what I do. And I am thankful everyday that I found a field that fuels my passion.

See I ended this on a much happier note than I started (I think the wine is kicking in!) if you want to see what less mentally unstable (i.e. non-graduate student) people are up to this week be sure to stop by Meghan's. Actually you should stop by her place anyways... I hear she has strawberries :)


  1. Busy Week, Sarah!! I'm amazed at all that you accomplished. Love the family photo. It's a shame you have that reaction from coffee. I would hate to give it up for a reason like that. In fact it usually Helps if I have a headache. definitely cheered up by the end of this post! Have a great day!

    1. Aww thanks so much :)

      Once in a while I can sneak a cup and be okay but usually more than once every few weeks and my body goes into riot mode haha. It's cruel like that I know for a lot of people it helps!

  2. Oh my gosh, you have been so busy!! I know how it feels to get through something and think, "Finally, a break!" only to have it snatched away from you :-/

    Almond butter, crackers, and coffee sounds very similar to my main crunch time food groups of hummus, spaghetti, and coffee, ha! We do the best we can.

    I'm a newish reader and you have probably mentioned this before, but are you in a long distance relationship or is he travelling or something? Long distance is SO HARD.

    1. He is still working down at school (about 2 hours from me) while he wait to hear about grad school. And when he is home he still live about 1.5 hours away (so it's not like its much closer). So not terrible as far as long distance go but it's far enough that I have to plan to see him which is hard to do...

      Your crunch time food sounds good to me ;)

  3. I feeeel ya on the long weeks! And haha I totally just posted that picture of lilo and stitch too! So me!

    1. Haha I know!! I saw it on your post and I did a bit of a double take... glad to know I'm not the only one coffee can get the best of :)

  4. I'm bummed, although not surprised, to hear once you slacked on taking care of yourself the headaches came back. It's always been the same with my Hubby. So basically you need foods which energize you, in order to replace that coffee. Check out this site:

    Hang in there; all that crazy work will be done soon, and the BF will be there before you know it.

    1. And for that I cannot wait! :) Thanks for the link, I could always use more info. It was a rough weekend but thankfully a few days back onto actual food and I'm feeling like myself again!


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