Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week in review #7: A week in collages

Hey Guys, sorry about the absolute fail of getting this up yesterday (I had it set to publish but somehow managed to change the year..?) Either way I'm here now to welcome you back from the weekend with a little roundup of my life as of late :)

(Thanks Meghan!)


  • Proposed workouts have been...going... I'm never going to be one of those people who loves going to the gym (sorry BF!) but I did get to my go-to abs/arm workouts 3 days last week and picked up some longer yoga sessions on 3 other days. 
  • Tried my first green juice. It was good, nothing special, and certainly a lot of work having to strain it from my blender. Maybe I'll look into juicers for my birthday but I think I'll stick to smoothies until then.
  • Made peanut butter "cookie" balls (recipe up sometime this week) to snack on while studying, healthier choice than chips because I filled them with good foods. And they were filling so I didn't mindlessly eat the whole batch. 
  • My mom bought me the cutest little jar of mayo ever (I keep my own GF condiments in the fridge) and I was pretty proud of myself for not dumping the whole thing into spicy chicken salad this weekend (so that counts as healthy, right?)


  • Made a fancy Fathers Day dinner for my dad this weekend! (there was non-GF carrot cake too, my mom made that)

  • Managed to not stuff my face all weekend (as I'm prone to do while studying), there's been lots of really good snacking going on around here most days :)
  • Kept the public banana party going, which means I'm not the only one getting my fill of potassium. 

  • Living with the new roommate is going... he says I nag too much, I say he's kind of a slob... if he makes it to college at the end of the summer it will be a miracle. 
  • First solo therapy sessions at the new job this weekend. ABA therapy is very different from speech therapy, but I love my client and I can see the appeal to working with kids in the behavioral capacity (I lost track of how many "squeezes" [hugs] my client wanted from me over the course of the weekend so he must think I'm okay!)
  • Got my official schedule for summer clinic (and had to change my schedule at job #1 again because apparently school doesn't really care when they ask for your availability...). It's going to be a long 6 weeks but I'm kind of excited to be starting the "fun" part of school again. 
  • 17 days until I get to see the BF again... not that I'm counting :)

What's the best thing you did this past week? Any amazing feats of self control on your part? 


  1. love your new pin button! So glad I could ACTUALLY help someone yay!

    That gf carrot cake sounds amazing and that little jar of mayo is adorable! I found a super small almond butter jar today and I just had to buy it. Apparently I have a weakness for mini things!

    1. Glad to know someone shares my weakness (everything is cuter in mini, no?!)

      Thank you again for the pin button, I love it :)

  2. Oh yum to those pb snacks, can't wait for the recipe!

    1. They're only kinda sorta addictive :)

  3. Hey linky lover or should I say #publicbanana crusader. Stick with the green smoothies; so much easy than straining and way cheaper than a juicer. I love your Father's Day dinner. What I wouldn't give to have some of those potatoes and asparagus right now.....yeah, you don't want to know.

    1. Haha but knowing you I can start to imagine...


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