Friday, June 14, 2013

The "dark side" of clean eating

So you may remember on Wednesday how I mentioned needing to clean up my act a bit to catch up with the BF's recent increase in health before I see him again? The truth is with the exception of these nights (and I try to keep them down to every other week!) I eat a pretty healthy diet. No it's not "perfect" but it gets the job done. I maintain my weight, have enough energy to get through (most of) my days, I've minimized my headaches and when it isn't a chip and dip time of the month my skin looks pretty good.

Point is it works for me and I'm happy :) That doesn't mean I don't need a little help every once in a while (particularly after eating an entire container of chip dip, by myself, in one sitting...). We all have days where we feel a little more "blah" than fabulous whether it's due to the previous night or a pile up of stress at work, and that's usually where I throw another green smoothie and some extra water into myself and call it a day.

But as I've been kicking the workout up a notch the last few days (let's be honest that just means I'm actually working out) I started to think about the darker side of "cleansing" your body. That's right I was thinking about juicing!

Similar to my beloved morning smoothie(which is only sometimes green) a juice takes a whole bunch of fresh, produce, goodness and beats it into a drinkable mess. I always have associated them with those crazy girls on a "lose 10 lbs this week" cleanse/fast (similar to the people who insist they are happy subsisting on cayenne, water, and lemon juice for days...). Aside from those thoughts I've never made a juice for 3 reasons.

  1. I don't own a juicer. My blender(s) work perfectly well and can be used for a variety of kitchen tasks, the idea of a kitchen appliance that can only be used for a single, specific purpose seems unnecessary (plus those bad boys are expensive!). 
  2. I was worried about taking the fiber out of my drink. With a smoothie I know that it won't rush to my head (or right through me), a smoothie has staying power because it still has everything in it. 
  3. I was afraid of the taste. My smoothie almost always has a banana in the base which cancels out just about any green I could choose to throw in there. I wasn't sure I could handle a glass of straight up greenness. 

A juice just seems so exoctic/mysterious and I pride myself on (usually) staying away from any health "trends" in favor for my traditional favorites (FOOD!). But I was procrastinating had some free time  this afternoon so I decided to give it a shot.

I threw my usual green smoothie basics (sans banana) spinach and romaine into the blender with some water and gave it a whirl. Since I didn't have the banana I threw a green apple in there as well. I poured the whole mess bit by bit into a jar through my tea strainer, and after the first straining I dumped all the pulp into a paper towel and gave it an extra squeeze for good measure. I topped the whole mess off with a squeeze of lemon juice and took a sip...

The most surprising part for me was how dark it got, I'm used to my bright, light, green smoothies and this looked so much darker. The taste was similar to a smoothie without banana, that kind of green-grassy taste that is really hard to describe. Overall it was pretty good (though a lot of work to do by hand!) I don't think it could be a meal like a smoothie is, but I could see it in place of water or tea once in a while.

I've got a (hopefully) long weekend of recipe testing ahead of me, with a little studying and sunshine thrown in for good measure :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

Do you juice? If yes what do you love about it? If no is there a reason?

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  1. I used to feel the same way about juicing as you, although I have gone to the dark side now. Truth: my favorite way to eat beets now is to drink them. They're delicious in a juice and even more so with champagne. Beet juice mimosa.
    I can't wait to see what you juice next.


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