Monday, May 13, 2013

Week in review #3: a week of endings and beginnings

Hey guys, happy Monday! Sorry for the extended break last week (I’d say my bad but I did warn you first). I popped around to visit some of you but it feels good to actually be back posting.

I figured the best way to get back into it is to treat you all to a review of all that happened in the last week (ish) since I’ve been AWOL.

(be sure to stop by Meghan's to say his and see the rest of the links!)

Finals happened. That was the main reason I took my little break, classes have been crazy this semester, and I really needed to focus to finish out on a good note.  And I did! Second semester of grad school, done. With a celebratory margarita to boot!

 (Now if only the next semester hadn't started this morning…)

The house is almost all packed up right now, and also all decorated… We are having my brother’s high school graduation party about 10 days before we move in June, so our house has become an odd combination party planning and packing.

I got my Foodie PenPal and Cara Box partners for the month of May (my first time in both exchanges, I'm excited!). This also gave me new blogs to go check out (which was an excellent way to procrastinate studying, let me tell you!)

This most exciting thing that happened was the weekend. I went down to visit the BF after my last exam on Thursday. It was nice to "get away" for a few days with no classes, work, exams, or life in general to worry about. 
(plus I got to see this guy)

We drank, we laughed, we cooked (okay I cooked!) and celebrated his last official weekend as an undergraduate :)

The ceremony on Sunday was beautiful and lots of his family members were there to cheer him on with me. 

Annnnd then today I got to do my first diagnostic :( It actually went really well but I'm stuck with that big pile of paperwork as I write up the report tonight. 

(at least I made popcorn)

I'm back for good now (promise) so expect me to be around again linking up and leaving comments! 


  1. Welcome back, and hooray for being done with finals and double hooray for celebratory margaritas. I can't believe your next semester has started already. Man, they don't give you much (i.e. any) time off in between. The Hubby is back in school and he had his last final this past Saturday. Not only is he relieved, but I'm glad to have my man back. Congratulations to yours as well. Getting that degree is no easy task.
    Thanks for linking up too. This might be my biggest week yet!

    1. Woot glad to hear more people are joining your party! Congrats to your Hubby on finishing the semester (hopefully he got a celebratory drink too!)

  2. The weather looks great for a graduation ceremony! And popcorn makes any kind of paperwork better. :-)

    1. It really, really does... I think I would be lost without it :)

  3. That margarita looks awesome. Thank god finals are over for ya! :D

    1. Yeah it's good to be done :) And it is doubly good that the weather is nice enough for margaritas again!


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