Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekend food prep (or how to eat healthy when you're busy)

Hey guys! What a weekend it has been around here, hopefully your lives have been a little quieter (or your craziness has at least been the fun kind). A lot of the girls down at school are always commenting how my food looks good, or smells good (they also usually want me to bring them some). And while it's pretty clear that I'm one of the healthier eaters in my cohort I don't think a lot of them realize that with a little organization the food I'm bringing down everyday doesn't take much more  time then takeout or Ramen (and we all know it's waaayyy better for you). 
With them in mind I decided to give you all a little peak into my weekend food prep. How I plan, how I shop, and what I do ahead of time (basically everything!) to make it easy to eat real food on my crazy weekdays. 
This week is veggie heavy (surprise, surprise) as I go through the second week of my anti-inflammatory cleanse (which I introduced to you all here). As I've mentioned before I am feeling great so far, and feedback from others has assured me these feeling continue, so I'm not sure what I'll actually re-introduce next week (besides my Chobani). 
I'm not a huge fan of grocery lists (surprising since I love lists for just about everything else in my life) but I do have to at least take a look in the fridge to get an idea of what I have, and then flip through Pinterest, cookbooks, and magazines to see what I want to try out this week. 

I'd prefer to shop first thing in the morning, bring everything home to prep and then be done (but if I go with my mom she'll buy most of my groceries, so it pays to follow her schedule). 
But once we get things home, I usually go ahead and start to prep, so I'm not having to put things away twice. 
Here's what I put together for this week

All of this produce took me less than 20 minutes to clean, prep and pack once I got it home from the store. I washed and cut all my lettuce (enough for 3 salads in a jar) and packed it with paper towels to keep it crisp. I chopped broccoli for stir-fry and peppers for another dish later in the week. I also made a big batch of quinoa, riced some cauliflower in the food processor  and put some beans in a jar to soak (but lets be honest, none of those are very pretty). That last jar in the picture is the interesting one... let's take a closer look. 

(that's better)

You can't tell me those don't look amazing (okay you CAN... but you would be wrong!). This is the second batch of these little guys I have made in the last 2 days. I don;t know who ate hid the entire first batch on me... The recipe will be up Monday :)

Hope your weekend has been going well!

What are you planning to eat this week (anything exciting)?


  1. I don't think I could function without my grocery store list, although I do flip through Pinterest and cooking magazines to get ideas and then figure out what ingredients I'll need.
    I'm with you; weekend food prep is what allows me to eat well. A lot of times I'm too tired during the week so it helps tremendously. I also make big batches of things so they can cover two meals.
    You are a prepping machine, and I love it.

    1. Haha thanks! If I actually followed recipes (or ever planned anything) I would need a list... I tend to just be impulsive :)


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