Monday, April 29, 2013

Week in review #2: A marvelously stressful time

Hey guys, this week has been a roundup of good, bad, stressful and enjoyable. With all that in mind I decided to give you not one but two link ups for this weeks Marvelous Week in Review. 

Marvelous is that my aunt let me crash at her house until we get the boxes moved out of ours this week. I don't do well with chaos and clutter, it makes me stressed (and we have both x1000 at our house right now with all the boxes, no good for the week ahead).  

(she even made me tea and berries)

Marvelous is the reduction in headaches that has continued  this week. I had one migraine on Friday (and whether it was the weather, the stress, or the dairy has yet to be determined. 

Marvelous is the fact that I can bring dairy back this week, I'm starting small and I've had one failure and one success so far so we'll see. 

Marvelous is the 5 blog posts and 3 link parties I participated in this week, as well as getting my confirmation that I can participate in Foodie Pen Pals next month!! Plus I got the recipe archives up and running around here (though they still need some pictures to pretty them up).

The Lean Green Bean

Marvelous is being one week closer to the end of Dysphagia (that horrible swallowing course we had to take this semester)... although that also means I'm one week close to finals (they're next week!!)

Marvelous is mailing a letter to my bestie, who is all the way in Buffalo for Grad School. 

(even if it took me 2 tries to remember her full address)

Marvelous is being one week closer to seeing the BF at his graduation (May 11th!!) and keeping my fingers crossed that he hears good news about grad school this week :)

I guess my newly short hair is pretty Marvelous too...
(just not according to BF)

Less than marvelous is the workload of planning diagnostics, finishing clinical reports, preparing for finals, completing a 300 letter mailing at work, and parent conferences that I have for the week ahead...

(that's not TOO long a to-do list, right?)

(at least I can drink tea while envelope stuffing)

Be sure to hop on over to Katie and Meghan's sites to see what other marvelous things people are checking off their lists this week. 


  1. busy week. Love the new hair though!

    1. Yeah it will be crazy! Thanks, I'm still getting used to it haha :)

  2. Love the new cut. It looks gorgeous on you!!

    p.s. your owl mug is adorable!

    1. Thank you so much! (the BF was not as complimentary haha)And the mug is my aunt's but I've adopted it while I'm here, it's just soo cute :)

  3. Your new haircut is too cute!

    And I love that owl mug. I'm a sucker for awesome mugs and bowls :)

  4. First let me say I'm sorry it took me so long to make my way over here, and THANK YOU for participating in my little link up party. I'm trying to spread the word so I really appreciate you joining. Plus, it looks like you've got a thing for lists too....those damn to do lists are so daunting sometimes so it's nice to reflect back and remember how much you accomplished in the past week. I hope you come back for more next week.
    I love the hair cut; I think it suits you, and you probably don't know this, but I'm originally from Buffalo. I hope your bestie is enjoying herself there.
    Good luck with finals! My fingers will be crossed for you.

  5. Aww thanks Meghan!! That's so cool that you're from Buffalo too, my friend grew up there and she is loving being home (I still need to go visit!).

    I love your list-y link up (it feeds my personality as you noticed) so I will certainly be back next week :)


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