Friday, April 19, 2013

Week in review #1: Caco nibs and MRI's

Hey guys! It sure has been one heck of a week around here... between the weather, the headaches (or lack there of!), classes, and some general family drama there's a lot to sum up.

This week started my anti-inflammatory/clean eating/ crash course in veganism diet. In attempt to clear up my migraines without a daily medication I chose instead to medicate myself with fresh, wholesome foods. It was a bit of an adjustment the first few days, and I definitely overbought on spinach for the week, but so far I have been feeling amazing! I've had a major reduction in headaches and a major increase in energy :) I get my MRI/MRA test this afternoon to make sure that everything looks okay up in my brain (fingers crossed) and then I'll go from there as far as letting you know what changes I decide to make permanent.

So far this week we had some beautiful sun, a flood, and now snow... clearly the weather in my area has been a little out of whack, which would usually make my allergies crazy! But so far this season I haven't even had a sniffle. In my mind it's all thanks to my daily use of my neti pot, along with a daily dose of magic from Good Food Matters. Seriously I'm usually a stuffy, snotty mess this time of year, but this time around I haven't even touched my tissues :)

I finally got the rest of my supplies in the mail and was able to spend some time yesterday making my first ever lotions bar!! I only made one to start so I could try it out and make adjustments as necessary... keep your eyes peeled for the post next week :)

I also may have hit up the health food store for a few more natural goodies since my new eating patterns have been going so well (thank goodness I've been working a lot!). Ginger candy, caco nibs, local honey, and lots of almonds... I'll keep you posted on what kind of kitchen trouble I get into over the weekend :)

Also I finished (and hit submit) on the 12 page research paper that has been hanging over my head all semester. There are officially 8 therapy session, 4 conferences, 2 finals, and a take home exam separating me from completing my second semester of graduate school!!! Not that I get a break for the summer or anything...but still I'm almost halfway there, if you had told me that this time last year I would have called you crazy... It's amazing how things change. 

I'm off to get some pretty pictures taken of my head :) I'll keep you posted on what they find (hopefully nothing scary)! But for now have a wonderful weekend :)

What's the best thing that has happened to you this week?


  1. Have no worries, Your MRI is going to come back completely clean, just like your new found eating. Those look like some pretty exciting supplies for the weekend. I can't wait to see what you create.

    1. Haha you and me both, I seriously was just walking around the store "well this looks good". Thank you again for all your kind thoughts and words (the MRI was noisy but they gave me a CD with all of my images to have for myself) :)

    2. My Hubby has routine MRI's so I know how unfun they are. Noisy is an understatement, but I also know your results will be good.


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