Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIAW #2 loaded lunchbox potato

Hey Guys, this is my second week linking up with Jenn's what I ate Wednesday party (thanks again for hosting!) And this is the last week of her 'go green' challenge.

What a perfect day to share this little beauty with you...

(greens and cheese, my two favorites)

I love baked potatoes for their convenience and decent nutritional content (they're also super cheap!) but a plain baked potato day after day is super boring so I'm always looking for different ways to jazz it up.

I call this a lunchbox potato because it is so perfect for packing on the go. Take a pre-baked (or nuked) potato and split it open. Use a fork to fluff up the inside with a bit of butter, some salt and pepper. Then stuff it full of raw broccoli florets and put the lid of your container on it. 

Trapping the heat starts steaming the broccoli so by lunch time it's almost perfect. When your ready to eat just top it with a bit of cheese and put the whole thing in the microwave for a minute. The potato is warm, the broccoli is perfect and the cheese is nice and melty (it really is a perfect lunch). 

I also had another bowl of my most recent granola for breakfast. 

(I swear there's yogurt in there somewhere!)

And I'm super excited excited for my salad (loaded down with leftovers) later. 

That's the highlights of my day! Be sure to hop on over the Peas and Crayons to check in on what everyone else had to eat :)


  1. Giant stuffed potatoes for the win! The varieties really are endless and yours looks good - I can't deny a slight broccoli addiction.

    1. Well thank you! A broccoli addiction sounds like a wonderful thing to have :)

  2. That looks like my yogurt/granola bowls. I always go overboard on the toppings!


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