Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I ate Wednesday #1

Hey Guys! Today I'm sharing a link-up to one of my favorite blogs Peas and Crayons. Jenn does this really awesome post "What I ate Wednesday" which is basically a weekly version of this month's photo challenge.

In response to her challenge to green up the month of March, I decided to share this link with you today (when all my meals actually included something healthy!)

Breakfast was a bowl of hot millet breakfast cereal topped with walnuts and dried cherries (I say bowl, but it was more of a Tupperware on the seat of the car next to me as I drove to clinic... which is why I don't have a picture).

Lunch was one of my favorites :)

(mmm greens!)

Followed by an afternoon of healthy snaking in class and at work around the clinic. 

(Fruit and veggies today!)

Dinner was leftovers (my favorite!). This time it was pasta e fagioli soup, which is loaded down with spinach, tomatoes, beans, Italian sausage (and of course some GF pasta).

(In one of my many jars no less)

Who knows, I've had so much healthy food today I may very well treat myself to another one of these while I do paperwork tonight :)

(We'll see how late it is)

We're nearing the end of March, I'd love to know how you've been doing with this months goal of healthy eating. As you've seen around here some days are better than others for me (but hey that's normal). I've got another exciting challenge for next month that I can't wait to share. 

For now be sure to hop on over to Peas and Crayons for the WIAW link-up, I promise you won't be disappointed :)


  1. Your soup looks so good. I am in upstate NY today and it is chilly outside. Wish I had a big bowl of soup.

    1. I feel you, I'm in Chicago and it's hard to believe it's almost Spring with how cold it still is!


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