Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Test day

Today was our test. The one I've been studying for, for weeks. The one that had our cohort so on edge girls were found crying in random places around the clinic... that test :(

You can tell it was an exam day by the"quality" of food I was willing to qualify as a breakfast.

Yogurt, potato chips and dysphagia notes... nothing better.

About 2 hours into our early morning cram...errr.. study, session we get the email that classes on campus have been cancelled after 2pm today. Well our test was at 11 so that didn't do us much good. But it did cancel clinic which meant I now had a free evening of relaxing ahead of me. 

The test wasn't quite as bad as I was expecting, and I was at least able to finish (a few of my friends weren't as lucky). Our second professor of the day was sympathetic to our level of exhaustion and cut class an hour short (bless her heart).

That meant I had time on the drive home to stop at Meatheads for an order of their cheese fries. 

After enjoying my snack I decided to be nice and go shovel our driveway. Unlike my friends who were uncorking the wine as soon as they got home I knew I had the whole evening to relax. 

Just as I'm finishing my mom pulls up. Remember how my parents decided to sell our house on a whim a few weekends ago? Well it officially went on the market yesterday and it must be a nice ad because people are coming out in the snowstorm to see it. 

Which means I had to go out in the snowstorm to let them get the tour... so much for the quiet evening of yoga and cozy pj's I was hoping for. Besides my actual test in class today has been a test of my patience for this whole moving process (and right now it's wearing thin). 

Who knows where dinner will be from tonight, I'm too tired to think about it right now... if the rest of the day has been any sort of sign though it will probably involve potatoes :)

What are you eating to warm up on this icky, snowy day? Share your pictures below!

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