Friday, March 8, 2013

Taking it easy

This first day of break was wonderful! Things have been crazy around here for so long I'd forgotten what it really feels like to have a real day off.

I was able to pamper myself a little with a nice hot bath after my workout this morning. I got to spend the afternoon running errands (I know it doesn't sound super exciting) and being able to take care of some of the little things I've been putting off was awesome.

It was a toss up as to what the best thing I ate today was. I'm one of those crazy people who genuinely loves salad, so this dinner was a bit of a treat (especially because I had more than 2 minutes as I was running out the door to put this one together!)

(mmmm veggies!)

When you add homemade quick "croutons" it gets even better. 

Top it all off with a little dressing and you can't tell me that doesn't look good.
Okay you can, but that doesn't mean I have to listen :)

Then there's the other contender...

It's hard to pit a salad against a beautifully constructed ice cream sundae and call it a fair contest. Even with my extreme love of salad's I think it's easy to see who takes the cake here. And  while I know ice cream is a simple treat to make, taking the time to layer everything correctly really makes all the difference. And with caramel, crumbled (GF!) ginger snap cookies, and whipped cream this sundae really was a treat :)

How are you winding down your week (or preparing for your weekend)? 

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