Monday, March 4, 2013

Study, study study

We might be in 4 other classes this semester but tomorrow my cohort has the midterm we have all been dreading since we started. The midterm in the class that almost all the second years had to retake, the midterm that has pushed morale around here so low that other professors have started pulling us aside individually to make sure we're okay...

Needless to say its going  to be a long day. Which is why I took the time to make sure I am fueling my brain appropriately (you now before it implodes from overuse).

An energy rich, "berry" banana smoothie for breakfast. 
(Plain Greek yogurt, banana, raspberry Emergen-C, and orange juice)

A salad from last nights leftover chicken with tomatoes and feta (we had more spinach than chicken left).

And cheesy broccoli, chicken, quinoa casserole for dinner!

Now it's back to the library for some last minute studying, wish me luck :)


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