Friday, March 15, 2013

Leftovers gone wild

Hey guys. Sorry for taking yesterday off, by the time I got home I had officially developed BF's cold from earlier in the week and I blatantly didn't feel like doing anything :(

Today hasn't been much better. I spent the morning getting the chip in my windshield fixed and the afternoon writing a literature review for my thesis proposal (which I have to prepare even though I have zero intentions of writing a thesis). All the while I've been taking down spoonfuls of this stuff like it's my job (at least it's tasty).

I between my general moping (I'm a really unpleasant sick person to be around) I did manage to make up a delicious batch of our families favorite Mexican quinoa for dinner last night. I like to top my bowl with a plop (such a technical term I know) of plain Greek yogurt and extra lime juice.

(look at all that veggie goodness)

I was the only one home tonight so I had free range of the leftovers in the fridge. My family must have been on a Mexican kick while I was gone because we had tacos, fajitas, and last nights quinoa to choose from. 

I took a little bit of everything (except the fajita meat) and made myself some ultimate nachos. 

(these look sorta healthy, right?)

I've got two articles left to summarize for this proposal and then I am taking my sick self off to bed. How's your week been going? Any other tried and true cold remedies you'd like to share? :)

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