Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Getting back on track

If you didn't notice, yesterday I was a little grumpy (okay a lotta grumpy...). I finally got to shower, relax, and sleep and I'm trying to be a little more positive.

A big part of why I was so keen on doing this photo challenge (aside from the fact that it keeps me on track for posting!) is so I can closely monitor my food, in a further attempt to narrow down my specific migraine triggers. The visual of exactly what I put in my body also helps put me back on track after a day like yesterday.

I know I say it a lot, but I promise I really don't eat all the potatoes you've seen here in the last few days :)

With all the craziness going on with our house breakfast was a quick affair this morning. I had a piece of leftover quiche (with ham, tomatoes, and green chilies) while dropping my brother off at school.

Once I got down here I had a spinach salad for lunch, along with some peanut butter and crackers (I couldn't take a picture of those because I was in class).

Dinner was leftover broccoli, quinoa, chicken casserole from earlier in the week. (I love casseroles since they taste better the longer they sit in the fridge and I am usually eating leftovers).

Problem is leftovers really don't look that pretty. 

Spring break is so close (yet it seems so far!) I really cannot wait for clinic to be done on Saturday. Hopefully you've been having a better week than me?

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