Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Words that inspire

This month has been a bit of a roller coaster emotionally. My room, which I spent time organizing and decorating to truly fit my needs at the start of this year, has been all but stripped bare as my parents decide what they are going to do with our house (on the bright side I've basically been forced to keep my room next to spotless).

One of the few personal touches I still have is my visualization board. It's like a pinboard from before Pinterest was a thing. Usually the one in my room has tons of photos and pins as well as my quotes (but most those had to go for the time being). The other key thing is this...

I truly believe in the power of good intentions. If you put good out there, then it will come back to you because everything that happens has a purpose. I had one of these notes for myself last year while I was waiting to get into graduate school and, even though it took forever (!), it worked. So now that acceptance season is starting I'm sending good vibes out for the BF that he get's into physical therapy school this year :)

What's your inspiration to work towards your dreams?

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